7 Best Alternatives to TurboTax in 2022

TurboTax is an excellent tax service provider and is one of the leading names in the US. However, you can explore other options as well.

Let us compare some alternatives to TurboTax for you.

Intuit’s TurboTax Software

Intuit’s TurboTax software is one of the most popular options for taxpayers to prepare and file their tax returns.

It comes with an intuitive and simple software experience for users. It has different pricing plans to fit the needs of different types of taxpayers.

TurboTax’s free plans for federal and state taxes are only for qualified users. The basic plan fees for state and federal returns are $60 and $50 respectively.

For self-employed, these costs are $ 120 and $50. The TurboTax full-service plan comes at $ 130, $170, and $200 for free, Deluxe, and Premium plans.

TurboTax is useful for investors and businesses alike. It offers several features and excellent customer support for its users.

7 Best Alternatives to TurboTax

As much as you like TurboTax for its easy-to-use software, it can be a costly option for individual filers at times. The customer support for free and basic plans is also limited.

Let us explore our 7 best alternatives to TurboTax.

H&R Block

If you are looking for a comprehensive tax service provider at a cheaper cost than TurboTax, H&R block is your best bet.

It covers a wide range of taxpayers’ options at cheaper rates than its customers. You can file taxes by using the software or through a tax advisor.

Many of its tax services like filing for an extension, reviewing the previous year’s taxes, IRS tax audit notice, review, and expat tax filing come at cheaper or no costs.

H&R tax plans start at $29.95. Other Plans cost $54.95, $74.95, and $84.95 respectively for Deluxe, Premium, and Businesses tax plans including state taxes.

Use H&R Block if you want:

  • Multiple tax filing options
  • Several pricing plans for flexibility
  • Easy tax filing experience
  • Cheaper pricing than TurboTax
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Cons of using H&R:

  • Ad-Ons for different plans
  • High costs for state return only
  • Additional cost for premium support

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt offers tax preparation services throughout the US with its brick-n-mortar offices. It is also a household name with online tax preparation.

This online tax preparation service come with three different plans. Its basic plan also offers unlimited state tax return filings at only $25.

State filing costs $25 only for all plans at Jackson Hewitt. Its federal price plans cost $25, $69, $179, and $249 for basic online, Pro from Home, Deluxe Tax Pro from home, and Premium tax pro from home plans.

Pros of using Jackson Hewitt include:

  • Live support with an option to talk to a tax professional.
  • Multiple state filings at a flat $25 rate.
  • In-Person customer support as well as online support.
  • Option to file electronically or through tax preparers at offices.

Cons of Jackson Hewitt include:

  • The basic plan comes with limited customer support.
  • Finance advances are available at offices only.
  • You’ll need to upgrade to pricier plans to use more tax preparation features and get premium support.


TaxSlayer is a relatively smaller and younger tax software than the market leaders mentioned above. However, it offers a comprehensive list of tax services at cheaper costs.

If you are a single tax filer or self-employed person, TaxSlayer may be the best option for you. It offers tax calculation accuracy with a guarantee and offers a wide range of tax tools to help you.

TaxSlayer pricing plans include a free basic plan, free federal filing for military personnel, classic, premium, and self-employed plans costing $0, $24.95, $44.95, and $54.95 respectively.

Use TaxSlayer tax software if:

  • You’re a self-employed or single filer.
  • You want cheaper plans.
  • Comprehensive tax knowledge base as a support.
  • You are looking for tax preparation accuracy.
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Cons of using TaxSlayer:

  • Its limited audit support.
  • Limited options for certain entity types.
  • Limited customers support for certain tax conditions.


TaxAct is liked by individuals and small business owners for its flexibility and easy tax calculation options. It comes with reasonable costs as compared to its competitors as well.

One of the key features of TaxAct is the online tax estimator. If you are not a beginner, you can use this online calculator to find estimated taxes and have an idea about your tax liability.

If you have different types of income streams or you are self-employed, using TaxAct will be your best option. It is also suitable for small businesses due to its lower costs.

TaxAct plans include free, Deluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed starting at $0, $47.95, $71.95, and $94.95.

Pros of TaxAct:

  • Lower costs for business plans.
  • Offers online business tax forms.
  • Unlimited access to the previous year’s tax records.
  • Famous for offering help with maximum refunds and tax savings.

Cons of TaxAct:

  • Dissatisfactory audit support.
  • State filing plans are expensive.
  • Customer support is limited for basic plans.


If you are looking for a cheap but comprehensive tax service, e-file is your best choice. It offers one of the most budget-friendly tax plans for individuals and businesses.

It claims to offer maximum tax deductions (meaning minimum tax liability) or maximum refunds. It also offers a quick tax refund service to its users.

e-file.com offers 100% tax accuracy which in turn reduces the time to file and receive refunds.

It has three plans; Free, Deluxe, and Premium costing $0, $29, and $39 respectively.

Pros of using e-file.com include:

  • Suitable for individuals and small business owners.
  • Cheaper plans as compared to others.
  • Free audit assistance.
  • Automatic downgrade to lower-tier plan.

Cons of using e-file.com:

  • Limited customer support for the basic plan.
  • Expensive state filings.
  • Limited services if you have complex tax filings.
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Cash App Taxes

If you are comfortable calculating your tax returns and want a free filing solution other than IRS, “cash app taxesis for you.

It is a free online tool to file taxes with a downloadable app. It does not have any pricing plans and filing state and federal returns are free.

You can get help through instructional material and different tools to calculate your tax liability and fill out the forms accurately.

It offers a fast and reliable method of tax filing for individuals and business owners who are well-versed with IRS rules.

Pros of using cash app taxes:

  • Free federal and state tax return filings.
  • No additional costs for audit support.
  • No deductions from your returns for tax preparations.
  • Excellent mobile app for users.

Cons of using cash app taxes:

  • No multiple-state filing option.
  • Users must download the app to use it.
  • Limited customer support through email and no support through phone.

Free Tax USA

Free Tax USA” Offers 100% free tax filing for federal returns. It is free for all types of taxpayers like individuals, joint filers, self-employed, investments, and retirement program distributions.

You can file your state tax returns at an additional cost of only $14.99. It means this is one of the cheapest tax preparation and filing services around.

You can also import your tax data from other tax software like H&R block and TurboTax for several years.

Pros of using Free Tax USA include:

  • Free federal tax filing.
  • Low costs for state filing.
  • Tax data storage option for up to seven years.

Cons of using Free Tax USA are:

  • You need to upgrade to use certain features.
  • Premium customer support is available for the Deluxe plan.
  • No phone or in-person support for basic plans.