Cost of Goods sold internet Company – Explained


If you are finding of cost of goods sold by Internet companies then you are in right place. Because in this article we will discuss the cost of sales, the difference between the cost of sales and the cost of goods sold, the brief introduction of internet business, and implications of the cost of sales for internet business.

We will conclude our discussion after briefing the all topics require for understanding the cost of sales for internet business.

The Difference Between the Cost of Goods Sold and Cost of Sales:

The term cost of goods sold is used for manufacturing and trading businesses or goods related businesses and cost of sales or cost of revenue for the services business.

The difference in the cost of revenue and cost of goods sold can be identified on the nature of the business of the company and according to the nature of the business we are able to determine the relevant term “cost of goods sold” and “cost of revenue or cost of service”.

Cost of Revenue:

The term cost of revenue or cost of service will be used in the services business. In the services business, the company will provide the services rather than goods. The cost of services will include all relevant costs to deliver the services to clients.

All fixed or constant costs will be excluded from the cost of revenue and will be allocated according to respective heads of costs in the financial statements of the company.

Internet Business:

Internet companies provide the services of the internet and are affiliated with the internet service provider (ISP). The Internet service provider is the organization that provides all internet related services to internet users.

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Internet companies are segregated into different forms, such as Commercial, non-profitable (Community owned), and privately owned.

Internet service provider aims to provide internet transit, internet access, colocation, domain name registration, unsent services, and web hosting.

Cost of Sales of Internet Company:

All relevant direct costs incurred to provide internet services to customers will be deemed as the cost of services for an internet company. As discussed above services for internet companies are to provide internet facilities to the customers. 

In the context of Internet companies, direct costs are the cost of hosting, the cost of internet accessed, web organizing, etc.

The example of these costs will be services purchased by internet companies from third parties, direct employees allocated to renders the services, and other direct costs, such as the cost of delivering the services, testing costs. Etc.


Internet companies cannot sales the services without understand and identifying the cost services. Because without the cost of services the company might not be able to determine the price of services and gross profits earned against the provided services.

So if you are going to start an internet company, it is necessary to first understand the cost of sales for an internet business, determine the price of service and then have to able to forecast the gross profits of your business.

We hope your all questions regarded to cost of revenue of Internet Company will be cleared, But if you have any questions or query then please leave a comment for me. It will be my pleasure to solve your query.

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