Certified Public Accountants are one of the most decorated professionals of the accounting profession. These are individuals that go through years of formal education and training to get their licenses.

They have to meet their respective state’s accountancy board’s requirements to do so. Once they get their CPA license, they can work in the profession without any restrictions.

Aspiring CPAs in Georgia must conform with the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s policies to get their license. The overall process is similar to all other states.

However, the specific requirements within each step of this process may differ. For aspiring CPAs, it is crucial to meet all of those requirements to get their CPA license.

How to become a CPA in Georgia?

The CPA license process in Georgia is similar to other states. Aspiring CPAs start with obtaining formal education. Once they do so, they sit for their Uniform CPA Exam.

This exam consists of several sections, each of which they must pass. Next, they go through a period of professional experience. Along each of these steps, they fulfill the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s requirements. Once they do so, they can apply for their CPA license.

Educational Requirements

Obtaining formal education is of the utmost importance for aspiring CPAs. This education not only allows them to get a degree but also helps them with their CPA license.

Through the knowledge that they acquire, aspiring CPAs can work in the accounting profession. However, they must ensure their education meets the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s requirements.

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The Georgia State Board of Accountancy requires aspiring CPAs to go through four-year school. During this period, they must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree and completed 150 semester hours of college credit.

This education must come from enrollment in an accredited college or university. However, there are two exceptions.

Firstly, candidates who have completed their formal education or are in the process of doing so can also apply. However, they must get the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s approval first.

Secondly, students who have acquired education from outside the US may also apply. However, they must get their credentials evaluated by the NASBA International Evaluation Services.

Aspiring CPAs must also take the right classes, which must meet the following requirements.

  • It must include 30 semester hours of above elementary-level accounting courses and 24 semester hours of general business courses.
  • It may include CPA review courses, Online or correspondence offered at accredited colleges or universities if they have received credit for them.
  • It may include an accounting internship up to two courses on their transcript.
  • It may include upper-level undergraduate accounting courses that aspiring CPAs have taken at a two-year or junior college. However, they must have received credit for them at a four-year college or university.
  • It must not include CLEP or commercial CPA review courses.

Uniform CPA Exam

Aspiring CPAs who have completed at least 120 semester hours of college credit can then apply to take the Uniform CPA Exam.

However, they must have completed at least 20 semester hours in upper-level courses in accounting. They must also go through the following process to take the exam.

  • Aspiring CPAs must register with the CPA Examination Services, either online or through a downloaded application form. They must also include the following with their application.
    • An official college transcript.
    • Any foreign evaluation forms or ADA Accommodation form if required.
    • Application fees through a check, money order or credit card.
  • Aspiring CPAs must then schedule their exam once they receive their Notice to Schedule. They can do so through Prometric’s website and choose one of the eight approved locations in the state.
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Experience Requirements

The last step for aspiring CPAs is to complete on year (or 2,000 hours) of accounting experience. This experience must meet the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s requirements, which are as below.

  • It must be in one or a combination of the following areas.
    • Business
    • College teaching
    • Government
    • Industry
    • Public accounting
  • It must occur within one year of the CPA licensure process.
  • It must not include clerical functions such as account analysis of information, mathematical calculations or recording transactions in the general ledger.
  • It must be verified by a licensed CPA.
  • It must not include self-employment or experience gained during the educational period.

Aspiring CPAs must also meet the board’s requirements for the respective area where they get a job. Once they complete their experience period, they must complete the Certificate of Experience. They must also ask their supervising CPA to verify it.


Given below is a summary of how to become a CPA in Georgia.

  • Prospective CPAs must start the process by obtaining formal education. This education must meet the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s requirements.
  • They must apply for the Uniform CPA Exam through the CPA Examination Services and pass each section of the exam.
  • Lastly, they must complete a period of professional experience, which satisfies the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s requirements.
  • After all of these, they can apply for their Georgia CPA license.


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