How to earn the most for a bookkeeper?

The competition in the bookkeeping profession is increasing day by day, which means the market is getting concentrated. It is difficult for fresh bookkeepers to earn a respectable earning in these conditions.

Furthermore, it is also difficult for experienced bookkeepers to earn better despite their experience. However, despite the competition, there are many methods to earn the most for a bookkeeper.

Some of these methods may include focusing on technical skills that are related to bookkeeping while others may focus on other skills, which, although not related to bookkeeping, can enhance their earning potential. Similarly, some methods may require bookkeepers to explore new avenues. A few of these methods are listed below.

Focus on technical skills

For bookkeepers, technical skills are those skills that can help them in their job. Technical skills are what make a bookkeeper competent. Furthermore, technical skills are crucial. The first requirement that any business will have from bookkeepers is that they have the skills necessary to perform their job.

However, only possessing technical knowledge won’t suffice. Bookkeepers also need to know how to apply these skills in practical situations. The more technical skills bookkeepers have, the more they can increase their earning potential.

Focus on soft skills

While technical skills are the most important thing for bookkeepers, they also need to possess soft skills. Soft skills comprise of all skills that can help bookkeepers in a business environment. These may include skills such as communication skills, critical-thinking skills, teamwork skills, etc.

These can significantly improve the earnings of bookkeepers. Businesses do not want to hire bookkeepers only for their technical skills anymore, they want their bookkeepers to be able to demonstrate soft skills as well.

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Learn how to use accounting software

The main task of bookkeepers in any business is going to be recording their business transactions. Almost all businesses use accounting software for the recording process. Therefore, bookkeepers need to learn how to use the software. If bookkeepers do not understand how to use accounting software, they cannot get work easily.

Learning how to use accounting software is also straightforward. There are books and online courses that bookkeepers can use to learn the latest accounting software. The more accounting software that bookkeepers know how to use, the more they can increase their earning potential.

Become a leader

Bookkeepers can significantly increase their earnings by becoming a leader. Becoming a leader means leading by example and stepping up to responsibility when required. Businesses nowadays prefer bookkeepers that demonstrate leadership abilities.

Leadership also helps bookkeepers take on other roles in a business and not just be limited to bookkeeping roles. This can, in turn, help bookkeepers take on higher-level roles in a business such as management or director roles. Leadership skills are easily developable and, therefore, anyone can become a leader.

Start networking

Networking is one of the most important skills that can increase the earnings of bookkeepers. Bookkeepers need to start networking early in their careers to help them later. In the past, networking used to be manual and very difficult.

However, with technology and platforms like LinkedIn, bookkeepers can easily expand their professional network. Networking not only allows businesses to collaborate with others but can also open up many professional opportunities to them. This can significantly help them increase their earnings.

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Found own business

The best way for experienced bookkeepers to earn more is to found their businesses. Bookkeepers can earn a lot through their own business instead of working for someone else. It also allows them to work with multiple clients at the same time and use a trained workforce to improve their earnings significantly.

While bookkeeping businesses can provide bookkeeping services to different businesses, they can also go beyond that and offer other finance-related services as well. However, founding a bookkeeping business requires some investment and may require bookkeepers to have a great network to be successful.

Start freelancing

For some bookkeepers, starting a business may be a gigantic task. However, they can still achieve most of the benefits of starting their own business through freelancing. Many online platforms allow bookkeepers to offer their services to clients around the world.

They allow bookkeepers to work with different clients and earn an income without being dependent on a single job or employer. Bookkeepers can also use freelancing as a part-time job to earn some money on the side while they perform their full-time job.


There is a lot of competition in the bookkeeping field. Therefore, bookkeepers need to know how to gain a competitive edge and earn the most. There are many ways they can achieve this. First of all, bookkeepers can focus on different technical and soft skills.

Furthermore, they can learn how to use accounting software. They can also learn how to become a leader and start networking. Bookkeepers can also increase their earnings by starting their own business or through freelancing.

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