IRS Accepted Return But Not Approved: 5 Reasons You Should Know

Each US resident is paying thousands of taxes per year. The most common firm that deals with taxes and refunds are the IRS. Here the IRS occurs as the Internal Revenue Service.

It has been said that the IRS claimed all the tariffs could be refunded to the people after approx 21 days. People have found it a good thing that the government taxes paid electronically are refundable.

The dilemma that is encountered by society is people are not acquiring their refundable surcharges. You might be enduring a similar posture, but there’s frivolity to be distressed about.

In this article, you’ll get the answer to your popping query, which is,” IRS accepted return but not approved: 5 reasons you should know”.

How Can You Commence The Inquiry Of Your Return?

The initial step that many recommend is to check your online status of paid taxes on the website of IRS.

If you’re new to the site, you might be thinking about how you can get into the IRS’s website. Let me notify you. You can enroll for the site by finishing off the following steps.

  • Certain Refund Amount
  • Categorizing Status
  • SSN and ITIN

Here the SSN stands for your social security number while the ITIN stands for the Individual taxpayer identification number.

By following these steps, you will get to your website page, which will show all your tax-related information. To find further input, you have to follow more steps to move along. These strides are;

  • You have to tap on the “Check My Refund Status” icon.
  • Fill up the compelled input.
  • After signing in with the correct information, you’ll get your outcomes in a few seconds.

You should know that this website provides you with tax details rather than answering your queries. If you want a direct answer to your delayed refund, you should call the IRS directly.

Nevertheless, before reaching the IRS, you should meet all the perspectives that the IRS has promised. 

You might not know, but the IRS has declared a few aspects that should be true when contacting them. Otherwise, your request will be denied. Here is the most highlighted one.

~~You must have contacted the IRS after 21 days since you e-filed.

You might be inconvenienced about how to reach the IRS. When you log in to the website of the IRS, there you’ll find a tool named “Where’s my Refund?”. With a single click, you’ll get the touch of the IRS.

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What Are The Motives That Your Return Is Delayed?

Nowadays, almost all the US communities are aware that the IRS has promised a refund of your tax. Many people have filed a complaint that instead of approving their return, they’ve received a notice from the IRS.

After noticing the objections of hundreds of people, a few genuine reasons have been concluded. So, you have to spare a few moments to analyze the reasons for the delay in your refund.

Direct Deposit Information Error

E-filing an accurate return and asking for a direct deposit is the fastest way of receiving funds on time. This impression appears very simple, but it can induce massive trouble for you.

If you’ve made even a single mistake in the e-filing or direct deposit procedure, be ready to make a delay or rejection in your refund.

The most common errors that IRS has declared are;

  • Routing Errors
  • Account No. Error

These errors may appear minor to you but can delay your return for months instead of weeks. It is said that when you’re filling out the form, you should recheck all the given information to overcome any upcoming mistakes on time.

When the IRS detects any fault in your information, you’ll be informed through a notice or an email that your request for a return has been rejected. You also have another option of paper checking instead of direct deposit.

The paper check idea might deliver your refund late compared to the direct deposit method. Therefore, if you’ve faced such an issue, you have to check your emails to confirm the rejection and file another request for acquiring your refund.   

A Victim Of Tax Identity Theft

Another reason that you haven’t received your return yet is you might be a victim of tax identity theft. Whenever you file for a return, you’ll get a mail to confirm your information and SSN. In this situation, you’ll face two emerging dilemmas. It would benefit if you were very comprehensive in authorizing the retrieval.

When you’ve filed for a return and get a notice via email of confirmation, then you must have to respond to the mail. You have to confirm that you need your refund so that the IRS can move further toward approving your return.

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Nevertheless, the other situation can be risky. You have to keep an eye on the whole tax return information you’ve received for approval. When you see the mail of a return that you haven’t filed, you should assume that someone will fraud you. What you have to do is immediately share your legit information to obtain the return.

In this way, the IRS will work on your return. If you ignore the whole notice and tap the approval button, you might have charted your actual tax return to someone else with your own hands. Therefore, be careful before approving any official notice.   

SSN Mismatch

The most common yet alarming reason that will ruin your tax return is the SSN mismatch. The IRS keeps a sharp eye on the whole information of taxpayers. It has been detected various times that the people gave rise to numerical errors in cataloging the proposal.

The IRS takes strict action on each minor error. If your SSN is mismatched, the IRS will seize your return process and send you a notice. This action is because the IRS takes care of every single person’s security. The information sent to you by the IRS might be a bit complicated.

It is said that an ordinary person may not understand what the IRS is trying to say. Therefore, if you receive any notice from the IRS, you have to take the information to an expert who’ll give you sound advice on how to stride along.

Firstly, you’ve to make sure to avoid all the numerical mistakes. Recheck the form again and again to prevent any errors. If you haven’t made any mistakes, the IRS will find zero errors, and you’ll get your return on time.    

Early & Late Filing Your Tax Return

You might not know that you should file your return at a specific time. An early or late filing of your tax return might be a reason to delay your tax refund. It has been noted that some people are always in a hurry. They want everything before time. But this hurry can put them in alarming situations.

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You must wait for the correct time, known as the third week of the year. Let’s suppose you’ve filed for your tax return too early, and the IRS has made changes after a few weeks. The update in the software will automatically delay your refund. Therefore, it is mandatory to wait until the IRS has made all the changes to its site.

The second situation is being too late for file submission. If you’ve filed your tax return too late, there is also a likelihood of delay in your recovery. It is said that when you submit the request for a refund late and through the paper filing method, your tax refund will be later than usual.

This is because there will be thousands of people filling out their forms to request a tax return which will make your number last for the refund. Hence, filing your request for a refund on time will save you from a delayed refund.     

Filing A Paper Tax Refund  

Almost all US residents are aware of the policies of the IRS. You might be oblivious but filing a paper tax refund is always late. The IRS said itself that the e-filed requests are always prioritized and work more quickly than those paper petitions.

When you e-file a refund, you’ll probably get your refund within three weeks, as promised by the IRS. However, the process will not be the same as the paper check method. If you’ve filed a rebate plea, you’re more likely to receive your refund in more than six weeks.

The time can be more delayed depending on the present requests. The paper method is slow because everything is going to be done with your own hands, while the electronic way is feasible because machinery can work 100X faster than human beings.

Therefore, try to appeal through the e-filed method to receive your funds on time.    

Final Verdict

Presently, you have a complete guide on IRS tax refunds. Whether you’re a newbie or into the tax field, this write-up will give you all the reasons that might cause a delay in your tax return.

If you don’t find any of these reasons related to you, you have another option to contact the IRS community for your help. Good Luck!