What is Letter 5071C or 6331C? (Ultimate Guide)

These letters are mailed to the taxpayers when they have filed tax returns. The purpose of sending these letters is to verify the taxpayer’s identity. It’s a type of safeguard to protect taxpayers from filing fraud.

Tax-related identity theft problems have been increasing, and to counter these activities, the IRS has started sending Letter 5071C or Letter 6331C.

The letter asks you to complete the identity verification process so that fraudulent activities can be controlled.

However, you only receive the letter if you have filed your tax return. But suppose you have not filed it yet received the letter.

In that case, it means someone has fraudulently used your Social Security Number and the Individual Identification Number to file a tax return. There is a need to contact IRS immediately.

You can either use an online medium or call to verify your identity. For online, you first need to register yourself on the website.

After that, you need the letter and a copy of the tax return. You need to dial the toll-free number to talk to their representative for a call.

If both methods do not work, you can schedule an IRS identity verification appointment with the local office. You will need certain items to verify your identity. The IRS will not process your tax return if you do not verify your identity.

What is the purpose of letter 5071C or 6331C?

The IRS sends this letter to the person whose name and identification number the tax return was filed. The IRS takes this step to ensure the security of the entire process.

Many fraudulent activities have been occurring in the name of tax returns, so the IRS sends this letter to verify the person’s identity.

The letter 5071C asks you to follow and complete the process designed for verifying your identity. If you have filed the return and received the letter, the IRS might need more information to issue a refund, apply for overpayment for next year, or process your tax return. 

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 This is the case when you file the return, but if you receive this letter without filing the tax return, it symbolizes that someone else has done so with your name.

The person has used your Social Security Number and the Individual Identification Number to file a fraudulent tax return. That is why completing the process of verifying your identity is highly significant. It helps to stop such fake activities and maintains transparency in the system.

What to do if I receive the letters 5071C or 6331C?

If you have received the letter, go to the secure identity verification service of the IRS on its website. Their online service is available 24 hours a day.

Check the website first and get yourself registered on it. Gather all the documents required for successful registration.

Next, you need a copy of the 5071C or 6331C letter you received and the tax return copy of the year mentioned in the letter.

If you did not file any tax return and have received the letter, you can also mention it on the website. It may denote that someone has fraudulently used your name and identification number. So, the IRS will take its respective actions to handle this situation.      

Can I verify my identity for IRS online?

It is crucial to confirm your identity through the process designed by IRS. It can be done either online or on call. To start verifying your identity online, you will first need to register yourself on the official website of the IRS.

This secure service is available all the time (24 hours a day). You need to have the letter 5071C and a copy of the tax return listed in the letter. However, if you did not yet file the return, you can do that on-site also.

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If you discard the online option and choose to call their representative, you can call the toll-free number on the letter 5071C or 6331C. One aspect of calling is the time; it is better to call them in the morning or half an hour before its closing time.

It is because IRS has been receiving a higher number of calls, so it is better to call them at the recommended time.

You can go to the local office to verify your identity if both options do not work. You first need to schedule an appointment with the IRS to verify your identity in person.

What items are needed for Letter 5071C?

You must gather certain items to verify your identity, irrespective of your chosen method. These items include credit card, details for the mortgage, student loan, home equity loan or line of credit, car loan, your previous year’s tax return mailing address, supporting documents, the income tax return for the year mentioned on the letter, your 5071C letter, 5747C letter, 5447C letter, or 6331C letter, and a mobile phone used with your name. 

What to do after verifying my identity?

After verifying your identity, either online or on call, the IRS will start processing your tax return if you file it. If some complications arise in the further process, the IRS will contact you.

Can I avoid verifying my identity?

If you do not verify your identity through any prescribed methods, the IRS will not process your tax return, credit overpayments, or issue refunds. So, verifying your identity to get your tax returns would be best.


IRS verifies the identity number by sending the letter 5071C or 6331C. You need to confirm your identity to ensure that you filed the tax return. If you avoid doing so, the IRS will not be able to process your tax return.

These letters are designed to protect you from online fraud. For instance, someone might have used your related details for filing the tax. Hence, it can lead to problems for you. So, to protect you from such activities. IRS identifies your identity.

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The process of verification can be done online, on-call, and by visiting the office; however, certain items will be required by you to be submitted for this process. You can either verify it online or by placing a call to the IRS representative.

The secure service is available 24 hours per day. You can even schedule an appointment with the local office to talk in person about the process. So, The letter 5071 is sent to ensure that the real person has filed the return, not the fake one!

Frequently asked questions

What is the IRS integrity and verification process?

IRS initiated this process to protect taxpayers from fraud. For instance, someone might use your tax details to cheat on the IRS and you.

Hence, to protect from fraud loss, the IRS has established a verification process called the IRS integrity verification process.

Should I be worried if I receive a 5071C or 6331C letter?

It’s absolutely fine to receive a letter if you have filed for the tax return. However, if you have not recently filed an income tax return, you should immediately contact the IRS and clear your position.

In this case, we will advise you not to waste a second and ensure you have explained your position to the IRS.

Why did I receive a 5071C or 6331C letter?

It’s because you have recently filed your tax return, and IRS wants that the process of filing was genuine, and no one else has used your details to file the tax return.

What is a toll-free number to contact IRS?

The toll-free number for the IRS is 800-829-1040; you can call them and explain all your concerns and questions.