10 Best Personal Finance Books (Update 2023)

Apparently, books are one of the best sources of information. I know a good old book beats watching TV all day. So, if you use books as a source of entertainment and knowledge, then here’s a good collection that’ll help you manage your finances.

A personal finance book will encourage you to budget, deal with most of your money-related problems with confidence, and get out of debts. However, if you have no idea where you start when shopping for a personal finance book, then it’s easy to get deterred.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, personal finance books are the key to richness. But you don’t need a lot of books so that you can actually get smarter about your money. In fact, reading too many finance books might be unhealthy for your financial status.

You just need to have the right foot in the right direction. It actually doesn’t matter if you take a break from your financial vision, as long as you keep pressing on. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to achieve your vision, as long as you have a vision.

With that in mind, I took time gathering the right books with the right information for you. The list below comprises of handpicked personal finance books that I personally found to be helpful.

1) Freelance to Freedom by Vincent Pugliese

This is one of those books you will read and instantly feel motivated. The Freelance to Freedom is a book that will not change your perception about money, but you also learn how to manage your finances.

Like we were made to believe growing up that money is the root of evil, Vincent manages to convince his audience otherwise. More to that, with the current changes in the economy, Vincent stresses the fact that there’s never been a better time to start your own side business. Learn that and more through reading the pages in this book.

2) Gold is A Better Way by Adam Baratta

Well, if you need a guide to the richness in the world, then take a look at this personal finance book by Adam. Adam Baratta is one of the major voices in this industry. He is able to turn his passion to an investment opportunity.

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That is why you need to have this personal finance book in your collection. The book is able to show you a revolutionary shift in the money industry and possibly a glimpse of the future. What do I mean? Since the invention of money, it’s been accepted as a means of buying almost anything.

But the current generation has managed to change things a bit with the invention of the internet. And now, the invention of cryptocurrency. As I read through the book, I was able to conclude that Bitcoin is the missing piece of the future.

But whether or not Bitcoin will be the future is something we are still waiting to see. That is because the future of cryptocurrency isn’t as clear as most people tend to think. Wait a minute? Do you know anything about Bitcoin since I’m actually assuming you do?

Luckily, here’s your golden opportunity to learn more about cryptocurrency and how it’s changing our future. You will also learn why the cryptocurrency is so hard to hack. This is an opportunity I know you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

3) Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Job Fairless

Housing is one of the basic needs in any home. That being the case if you have a good home, then you will be able to focus on a vision of the future. But what if you’ve never thought of investing in real estate? Or do you simply lack any experience in the field?

This personal finance book is the answer. Job Fairless is one of the major investors in the real estate business. And in this book, he explains a more logical and easy follow-through roadmap to success.

You will be able to invest more than you can imagine and built a multi-family deal. He explains the exact process he used to make it from a small capital to controlling apartments that are way beyond his imagination.

4) The Little Book of Common Sense Investing By John C. Bogle

This personal finance book explains how the stock market works. More to that, you will also learn about the myths and misconceptions in the market. All that is aimed at helping to make logical investments and navigate the stock market.

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John has a compelling logic that favors his strategic index that is actually easy to learn and apply. The one thing that he discourages is that you shouldn’t invest so much since it will become quite hard for you to reach your goals.

This book is incredibly great if you have been thinking about joining the stock market but you don’t know where to start. Also, if you have not had any success in the stock market, then you probably need this book.

5) The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Contrary to most opinion, not everyone that has made it to millions is a celebrity. In most cases, they are just ordinary people next door you see every single day. In this book, Thomas profiles a list of millionaires and how they got there.

Basically, to get to your next million, you need discipline and thriftiness. The book will help you understand how the listed millionaires were able to maintain a low-key life until they made it to millions.

You will be able to discover how others made it to their money. And hence you will be able to implement it in your daily life.

6) The Index Card By Helaine Olen

If you prefer a simple approach to anything, then this personal finance book is the best option for you. The index card will help you avoid rookie mistakes which Helaine refers to them as ‘Pound Foolish’.

Instead of having a complex explanation that’s complicated, these books simplify the points into facts that fit in an index card. The book concentrates on 10 rules which include making sure you pay your credit card balance in full every single month.

The book is good for people who prefer a simple and clear approach that’s actually practical.

7) Money Honey By Rachel Richards

This personal finance book will take you through everything you need to know about managing your finance. The best part is that with just a few pages in, you will learn a lot more than imagine.

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I personally couldn’t wait to actually put the tips I learned into practice. Everything is written with a touch of humor that manages to simply the dreaded finance topic. More to that, the book is very easy to read and understand.

If you are having financial problems, then this is the best thing that will happen in your life.

8) Money Can Buy You Happiness By Patty Ann Tublin

If you’ve been living person one paycheck to the next, Ann’s personal finance book will change your life completely. Most importantly, this is a finance book that will help women bridge the gender wage gap and at the same time put women on the same competing level as men.

This book will help any woman find happiness while hustling her way to richness. You will never have to suffer underpayment. This book will enlighten you and how you need to make changes in your life.

9) Rock Retirement By Roger Whitney

As much as we’d like to avoid the subject, retirement is something that’s inevitable. If you don’t prepare for it in advance, you are bound to have a hard life when you retire. This book will help you get the full benefits of retirement.

In this book, Rogers demonstrates an approach to retirement that’s thoughtful and holistic. You will easily follow through and get the results you’ve been craving for. You will learn how to create goals for your retirement and finance these goals.

10) Financial Freedom By Jeremiah Brown

I don’t know about you but I’d love to take a vacation when I want to without having any financial constraints. I don’t have to worry about where will I get the money and what will happen next.

Most people believe that saving is the ultimate way to reach financial freedom. But that’s not the case. It doesn’t matter what you do, money worries are something we basically can’t avoid.

Do you want to change the game? Then buy this book and you will be able to handle your money with a lot of ease.