Ultimate Guide To Spotify Pay Stub and W2s For A Current and Former Employee

Spotify is a Swedish company founded in 2006 as an audio streaming and media service provider for consumers worldwide. Spotify’s headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and it is registered as a public company on New York Stock Exchange. Spotify Technology, SA, is a holding company of company, and Spotify is also listed on NYSE through its holding company.

Spotify operates at 15 international offices and is one of the largest audio streaming and media services providers worldwide. The company officially provides services in Africa, Asia, America, Europe,  and Oceania. According to the stats of December 2022, there are over 10,151 employees of Spotify working at different offices of Spotify.

The largest user base of Spotify is in Europe and the United States. Spotify follows a subscription model for revenue generation. Customers can access services of Spotify on different operating systems and devices, including macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

Despite being a successful business entity in the world, Spotify made a decision to downsize the company by cutting its workforce by 6%.

If you’re currently working at Spotify or a past employee of the company, you must be interested in knowing how you can get access to your payslips and tax documents. Besides, we will also guide you on how artists can get the relevant tax documents from Spotify when filing their tax returns.

So let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Paystubs are digital or paper-form documents that employees get with their monthly pay slips.
  • Form W2 is the Wages, and Tax Statement employees get from their employer in every tax year. The employer has to send the Form W2 to the employee by January 31st of the tax year.
  • Current and former employees of Spotify can contact the company’s HR department and request paystubs for the specific pay period(s).
  • Current and former employees of Spotify will receive their Form W2s from the company by January 31st or mid-February.

How Can Current And Former Employees Of Spotify Get Their Pay Stubs?

If you’re a current or past employee of Spotify at any company office, your salary will be directly credited to your account. However, it might be a task to do if you want to get your paystubs from Spotify.

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Current Employees

No information is given online about whether the current employees will receive their paystubs at the email address. Therefore, it is safe to say that the company provides its current employees with paystubs according to the prescribed internal procedures and standards.

Spotify’s employees get their salaries directly credited to their accounts. The company might send its employees their paystubs to the registered email address. However, the current employees can also contact their bank to get the payslip from there.

However, you can also contact your Spotify office’s HR or payroll department and request paystubs for a specific past or current pay period. The payroll department of Spotify will provide you with printed paystubs for the requested pay period.

Past Employees

What if you’re a former Spotify employee and want access to your old pay stubs? What are the options for an old employee to get his paystubs from Spotify?

There is no online portal or app for Spotify alumni where they can access their tax forms, statements, resources and payslips. Therefore, the only option past employees have is to contact the HR department or payroll department of Spotify. You will need to provide your employment details and put up a request to receive your past paystubs for one or more than one pay period. You can either offer to pick up your paystubs from the Spotify office or request to receive your paystubs at the mailing address. However, make sure to provide them with the correct and up-to-date mailing address so that paystubs are not lost on the way to you.

How Can Current And Former Employees Of Spotify Get Their Form W2s?

What is the matter with receiving your W2s from Spotify? So let’s discuss the options for current & former employees and those who quit their job at Spotify years ago. Let’s begin with current and former employees.

Current and Former Employees

Current employees will be defined as those who are present employees of Spotify and receive their compensation in every pay period. For W2 purposes, we will define former employees as those who have quit their job during the past tax year.

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It implies that the former employees have worked at Spotify for some months or a part of the year. Therefore, Spotify is obligated to send the former employees W2s for the period they remained employees of the company.

So how can current and former employees get their W2s from Spotify?

So, the IRS and SSA allow employers to file W2 electronically or via mail. Similarly, the employees must provide their employees with copies of W2 via mail or electronic mediums.

We are unaware of the internal procedures of Spotify, but it is safe to say that the company might allow the employees to choose between receiving W2 via email or at their mailing address.

Hence, we can say that the current and former employees will receive their W2s from Spotify by January 31st or mid-February through email or mailing address.

Employees Who Quit Jobs Years Ago

If you’re an employee who left the company many years ago and want access to old W2s, you will need to contact the HR department or payroll department of Spotify. You will need to provide your employment details and request your W2s for specific tax years or years.

The HR department will process your request and provide you with the right resolution accordingly. Ensure that if you have opted to receive W2 on mailing address, the company has an accurate and up-to-date mailing address for convenience.

What If Spotify Does Not Issue My Form W2?

If Spotify is unable to provide you with your previous W2s, there is the option of requesting your forms from the IRS. However, you will need to pay a certain fee when requesting your W2s copies. However, you can submit your request for free to access your current W2 transcripts from the IRS.

You can call the IRS on the following helpline here: 800-829-1040

You can also visit your nearest IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center to make an appointment to receive your W2s from the department.

In general, the IRS will ask for the following information from you before issuing your W2 copies:

  • Employer’s name
  • Employer’s complete address, including your contact number, ZIP Code, etc
  • Employee’s name, address, contact information, SSN, dates of employment, etc
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Will Artists Receive Form W2 From Spotify?

The revenue generation model of Spotify runs through the artists, developers, and podcasters who make music, shows, etc., which are streamed worldwide. What do they get in return?

Spotify pays royalties to the artists who launch their content on Spotify’s platforms. So many people get confused if the artists of Spotify will also receive W2s from the company.

The answer is no.

The royalties paid by Spotify will be treated as passive income for the artists, and they will report their passive income in self-employment form 1099. Therefore, Spotify will not send W2s to the artists, but Form 1099 will be filed by Spotify for the artists getting paid by the company.

How To Get Form 1099 From Spotify As An Artist?

There is not any specific procedure or guidelines you need to follow to get Form 1099 from Spotify. If you’re an artist on the Spotify platform making $600 or more in royalties from Spotify, the company must file Form 1099. You will receive your self-employment form by  January 31st or mid-Febrauary.


How much does Spotify pay its employees?

The average salary of employees at Spotify is around $110,815. However, the overall range of the salaries for those working at Spotify is between $66,748 and $175,970.

Is Spotify downsizing the company?

Yes, according to their press release on January 6th, 2023, the company has decided to cut off the workforce by 6% of the total employees working at Spotify.

Where To Report Royalties From Spotify In Tax Return?

The artists who receive royalties for their content on Spotify will need to report it as a one-time earning on Schedule E of their self-employment tax return.

What is the business and revenue model of Spotify?

The revenue model of Spotify is based on premium subscriptions. This revenue model is called freemium, where the company offers a free & limited subscription to the users and generates revenues when the users upgrade to a premium subscription for a fee.