Lean Management Information System:

Lean Management Information System is the concept of designing the information system that could provide the right information to the right people, at the right time and first time.

It just similar to the learn productions. But, a lean management information system is a bit difficult to implement and imagine for a designer.

But, the basic is the same.

So the concept of lean information is that the information in the organization is quite massive. Especially, for top management. An easy example of massive information for top management is email.

Every day, if you are the CEO of the company, probably, you receive at least 100 or 1000 per day. These emails might be from the sales staff to the same top management.

By receiving a lot of emails, sometimes, it is quite difficult to figure out which one is important and which one is not.

By using the Lean Management Information concept, email that could be sent or received by top management or CEO is only the one mater to them. Those emails also need to be one time.

What does it mean by on time?

Well, all of those emails need to be address to CEO or other top management as quite as possible if the decision from them is requiring. Otherwise, the information is useless or make lose to the company.

More importantly, the information needs to be correct and accurate. The accuracy of information is quite important.

If the information is wrong, the decision probably wrongs too.

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In general, when we consider developing the system by Lean Management Information system, we normally refer to Japanese 5S: Structurize, Systemize, Standardize, Self- Discipline, and Sanitize