5 Best HRM books for Small Business

Big businesses and small businesses suffer the same problems on regular basis. While large entities hire corporate professionals and solve their problems diligently, in case of small business, the owners or the managers need to get their hand dirty.

Small businesses may not have all the essential firepower to solve all the problems. One such arena is human resource management.

Hence, these businesses need to prepare as much as possible. Five such books related to human resource management that is essential to manage the most delicate resource of the company are given below:

1) Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, and Skill Development

This is one of the bestseller books in the field of human resource management. Although it is not related to small businesses specially, all the ideas and principles in this book can be thoroughly applied to small businesses.

The book would help the users to  select, recruit, train, and development talent. The book consists of varieties of applications, self-assessments, and scenarios to help the users of the book to delicately manage the human resources.

The business cases presented in this book are very thorough and helps to develop critical thinking skills and help users to achieve strategic objectives.

2) From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

The author in this book has tried to explain the employment relationship in reverse. This includes the process of hiring the employee to their departure. The author here tries to help the human resource managers to inform and guide and develop a good rapport with the employees.

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The book provides valuable references to real life scenarios the managers can look upon and try to apply on their own cases. Topics in this book include managing disability and leave issues, properly classifying workers and how to maintain inclusive workplace.

3) HR for Small Business: An Essential Guide for Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Small Business Owners (Quick Start Your Business Book 0)

Booklist has reviewed this book as “One of the few [references] geared to the bulk of American business.”

The author in this book explains in simple and clear language what business owners and managers need to know about their relationship with their employees to achieve the objective of compliance with regulations and safeguard from potential suits from employees. The book includes everything from recruiting to discipline to the termination.

The small businesses owners should read this book as this contains all the applicable laws and other technical contents, they should be aware of. The book contains information on the new minimum wage law that employers must be aware of, the right to privacy for employees, and requirements in order to comply with disability laws and FMLA.

Edie Fraser, President, Public Affairs Group, further reviewed this book as “Absolutely indispensable for anyone in business.”

This book consists all benefits and taxes Leave policies, confidentiality Employment discrimination Sexual harassment Workers’ compensation, Telecommuting and job-sharing policies.

The author Charles Fleischer is recognized attorney and lecturer. He has made this book in lucid manner and to cater small business answering the following important human resource question:

  • What steps do I take in the hiring process?
  • How can I use performance evaluations as a productive tool?
  • How can I cut overtime expenses?
  • How can I control costs and still offer attractive retirement and health insurance benefits?
  • How do I make a clean termination?
  • How do I protect myself against discrimination claims?
  • What types of insurance must I carry?
  • How long must I hold a position for someone on maternity, military, or other leave?
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4) The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention

This book helps in hiring of good human resource personnel for the small businesses. It goes a step further and explores the practical value of stay interview in order to retain employees.

This book guides the small business owners to proactively address potential issues that affect potential morale and potential loss of staff. This book helps to create less costly solutions to address retention and engagement issues in the workplace.

5) Business-Focused HR: 11 Processes to Drive Results

This book is based on the evaluations of existing policies and practices in the enterprises. This book emphasizes that the company must have good social media policies in order to govern and maintain good employee behavior. Good companies must pay attention to the employee’s habits, listen their concerns and increase brand awareness.