Insurance is one of the most popular in the financial industry that provide the competitive salary and benefit to someone who is working in this industry. However, this industry also a bit challenging and difficult to learn and earn the certificate.

We do the research and carefully select number of insurance books to help you to get the right resources for your personal and professional development.

For those who is new to this industry, students and professional who are working so hard in their professional educations related to both life and general insurance or the professional who are working in the insurance, the books listed below are recommend for you:


Glaser has explained the industry in a very simple form which is understandable even by a common man or someone not from the insurance industry.

This book contains information about new insurance companies, attorneys’ financial planners, risk managers, college students, business owners etc.

In this book, the author gives details of the internal working of insurance company and the industry along with how it is sold.

This best insurance book with interest you with topics such as Mechanisms and processes by which insurance is sold, Identification of various distribution methods, Definition of the industry terminology, Internal working of the insurance company, Discussing various responsibilities of different insurance company departments, Facts that affect the insurance company and its policyholder.

It also discusses how to get the best and the right insurance deal, Making insurance claims and how agencies that can help you purchase insurance


The author is a leader of one of the most successful insurance agency in Malibu, California and hence this book comes from an expert, to begin with. This insurance book is an extremely easy to read and enlightens your way with amazing ideas to boost your insurance sales and agency to the next level of success.

He has shared a wider vision of his experiences and success stories. Bart has shown the readers how it happens and how to make it happen.

3) GOING TRADIGITAL — Nadeem Damani and Angela Johnson

New methods and new technology needs to be brought to productive use. The most famous social media today is the best way to promote and increase your business. This applies to all the businesses; however, the author has highlighted promoting insurance through technology in a big way.

Tips tricks and methods of promoting your insurance business is a real must-read for everyone involved in this industry including understanding this industry. Reading this insurance book can especially help you increase your sales and also retain your customers.


The author has been in business since more than 25 years now and shares his experience of the industry as he has a successful insurance agency he has been running.

Helping insurers protect themselves from disasters and covers for their unique situations for none of us know when a disaster will strike and we need to be ready for the same.

He walks you through the process of safe guarding people and things you love from unforeseen incidents.

This insurance book starts with what if an elephant sits on you,  of course this incident is not planned it is an unforeseen incident that needs to be covered.

However, are you covered for such unforeseen events in life and did you know you can protect your loved ones and your most possessed belongings from such events.

5) INSURANCE AND BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS — by Professor Howard C. Kunreuther, Professor Mark V. Pauly, Dr. Stacey McMorrow

An extraordinary tool to handle risk is called insurance. However, this concept that provides financial protection to people is highly misunderstood by people be it investors, insurance agents or regulators.

This insurance book will give you a look of how do people behave when it comes to individual risk, decision-makers of the insurance industry and its policy makers and its link to the economic theory.

Many people think insurance is a mystery which is really not worth solving however this is not the case and you must read this book to understand insurance better.

The author compares the actions of people involved in this industry to that which is predicted to the benchmark models of choice which is taken from the theory of classic economy.

The industry keeps some money at stake with the premiums if the customers along with the payouts of the companies, etc.


Tom is the author of 3 successful books and a great person to get retirement solutions form. To get the right retirement solution you need to answer a few questions for yourself and the author has described these question in this book.

This insurance book is globally famous as it has sold more than 80000 copies across the world and has been among the best seller’s category for almost 2 years.

Getting help to make decisions regarding selling or buying the right retirement solutions is a great deal. Take help from the expert here.

Tom proves his strategy through mathematics and statistics to signify his approach which will help you to secure your future till as long as you live.