Big Four Audit Firms: What Are They? And Why We Call Them Big 4


Deloitte, EY, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and KPMG are the leading service providers in the accounting sector — as a group discussed as the Big Four.

Voluminous of the financial and consulting amenities presented by these firms – for example, counseling on investment resolutions – including locating relationships in very enormous collections of data.

This data is time and again yonder the comprehension of a sole person (or group of individuals) and is quite jumbled and shorn of a fixed pattern.

If one forecasts the future for “The Big Four,” it still looks like they are here to stay. Even though growth has been sluggish for some, the fact rests that they are uninterruptedly developing.

The unions and achievements that ensued in 2015 will, with any luck, sanction them more evolution and more significant revenue occasions in the coming years. The big four accounting firms have been topnotch and will continue to be so:

1) Deloitte LLP:

A) Revenue

Deloitte stated a cumulative member firm revenue of US$46.2 billion for the economic year terminating on 31 May 2019 (FY2019). This is a 9.4 percent revenue surge in native currency and a US$3 billion escalation as compared to the previous year.

B) Number of Employees:

Above 312,000 active professional staff.

C) Number of offices

Within excess of 80 U.S. locations and numerous around the world, Deloitte is at the top of its game.

D) Services

Audit & Assurance: Their essential Assurance facilities for Government & Public Services clients (G&PS) comprise assisting application and capacity constructing for putting into practice standards like IPSAS, IND AS and INTOSAI;

Financial Advisory: Their Financial Advisory drill presents services predominantly around transaction configuring; worth for money investigation; transaction counseling and resource deployment; forensics, surveys, and background tests;

Consulting: In Consulting, Their services embrace appraisal of policy, guidelines and institutional procedures for authority and synchronization; organization growth and capacity constructing; stratagem and business forecasting; business process restructure to develop citizen service distribution utilizing artificial intelligence, calculations, etc.; draft and implementation observing of huge and multifaceted organizational renovation ingenuities;

Risk Advisory: Out of Their Risk Advisory drill, they function with G&PS customers principally in the zones of operational and financial risk managing; internal controls valuation and the complete set of cyber safety associated amenities;

Tax: Their Tax practice mostly presents monitoring and speculation advisory facilities counting analysis of inducements and connected guidelines.

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E) Head Office

Their head office is in the United Kingdom.

2) PricewaterhouseCoopers:

A) Revenue

For the year culminating on 30 June 2019, PwC firms globally had gross incomes of US$42.4 billion – up by 7%1.

Incomes propagated across all of PwC’s lines of commerce and chief markets, enhanced by the influence of the PwC brand and sustained noteworthy investments in excellence, technology, and individuals.

B) Number of Employees

Above 276,000 active professional staff.

C) Number of Offices

 PwC has associates in roughly 800 offices through 157 countries.

D) Services

Price Waterhouse Coopers is recognized for its exceptional corporate finance accounting amenities that deliver facilities like audit, tax analysis, business agreements, corporate finance, risk managing, safety, and supplementary services that are contingent to the up-to-the-minute in the financial industry.

The Price Waterhouse Coopers abides by a protocol all over its worldwide centers and makes it indisputable that all the guidelines and principles fixed by the firm are followed by everyone.

Each business has its community accountability, which it functions for, and so does Price Waterhouse Coopers. Price Waterhouse Coopers emphasizes on learning about climate problems.

Price Waterhouse Coopers and its many worldwide centers work in partnership as one on refining the consequences this corporate has over the areas that they focus on.

By endorsing corporate obligation, Price Waterhouse Coopers accept as real in making a transformation in the social order at a superior level.

The PwC firm presents dissimilar facilities in distinguishing areas such as tax including the tax on transactions, tax managing and accounting facilities and tax investigations besides tax estimates; inspection and assurance, consulting, business retrieval, corporate investment, H.R., stratagem, transaction facilities, sustainability, and climate problems, forensic facilities, PwC Legal LLP, and Actuarial amenities that embrace financial models, financial reports, and risk & capital managing.

E) Head Office


Located in London, United Kingdom

3) Ernst & Young:

A) Revenue

E.Y. pronounced best-ever collective global revenues of US$36.4b for the fiscal year terminated June 2019. Generally, fiscal year (F.Y.) 2019 incomes raised by 8.0% in local currency (versus 7.4% in FY18).

In the previous six years, E.Y. has chronicled study 8.3% compound yearly growth and at local currency rates has put in approximately US$15b in mutual revenue and more than 100,000 EY people.

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B) Number of Employees

Above 270,000 active professional staff.

C) Number of Offices

E.Y. functions as a system of member firms which are arranged as distinct legal bodies in a conglomerate, which has more than 700 offices in 150 countries globally.

D) Services

Assurance: Business achievement is characteristically regulated by progressively multifaceted and extending regulatory necessities and stakeholder mandates.

Resilient, independent assurance through audits delivers vital information for investors and additional shareholders, a fresh and pure viewpoint to audit agencies, and well-timed and positive input to administration.

One more indispensable area, which is a portion of the E.Y. Assurance purpose, is the Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services drill, which sees business risk zones.

It is an exclusively speedy growth function given the intricate concerns of scam, regulatory obedience, and business differences that are developing in the contemporary economic milieu.

Tax: Assistances embrace tax strategies associated with a corporation’s business drivers, constructed on operative acquiescence and open, crystal clear reporting. E.Y. offers incredibly networked lineups that can counsel on forecasting, compliance, and reporting and upholding beneficial associations with tax experts.

Advisory: Presents an extensive range of explanations addressed on enlightening business performance and efficiency through scrutinizing the whole kit and caboodle from core administration and business procedures to imminent instructions and prospects for development.

Transactions: E.Y. offers incorporated, unprejudiced advisory services that are intended to help you make healthier judgments about how you advantageously accomplish capital and dealings.

E) Head Office

Global professional facilities company Ernst & Young LLP is going towards Manhattan’s far West Side. The business said it intends to transfer its U.S. headquarters from 5 Times Square to One Manhattan West, where it has contracted a tenancy to acquire 600,000 square feet.

4) KPMG:

A) Revenue

KPMG broadcasted the highest revenues of $29.75 billion for the economic year culminating 30 September 2019 (FY19), demonstrating a 6.2% upsurge in local currency standings on FY18.

B) Number of Employees

In 2019, the professional facilities company conveyed practically 220,000 employees, the highest till now.

C) Number of Offices

KPMG now functions in 155 countries with a huge number of offices.

D) Services

Audit and Assurance Financial statement audits give reassurance over data utilized by stakeholders and the capital markets – an obligation to the public concern KPMG Audit professionals take very earnestly.

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KPMG is dedicated to unswervingly supplying superior audits, empowered by the command of technology and the forte of their workforce.

Mutually, these determinations permit them to react with dexterity, and engage eloquently, with all shareholders. Via this, KPMG is a front-runner in forcing the prospect of an audit.

Tax as tax leaders go all-out to develop their subdivisions for the new intricacies they confront, KPMG works with them to explain and shape their perfect target operating model, empowering their sectors to become accustomed to regulatory modification, increase compliance procedures and add more worth to the corporate and yonder.

Advisory Their Advisory specialists are reliable advisors of the world’s prominent officialdoms fixated on generating and supporting worth for their clientele.

Their professionals perform with head leadership through serviceable areas, employing their proficiency and profound industry understanding to cultivate ground-breaking, technology-focused resolutions to resolve their clients’ business encounters and help them nurture and accomplish financial consequences.

Private enterprises Fervor, it’s what energizes businesspersons, family trades, and fast-growing establishments equally.

It’s likewise what stimulates KPMG Private Enterprise to help power your victory. Their right-hand consultants bring the lucidity you require to help your business outshine at each stage of your commercial excursion.

E) Head office 

Their head office is situated in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.


Even the tiniest of the Big 4 is numerous times the magnitude of the 5th leading firm, and industry specialists accept as accurate it is improbable that any worldwide organization will ever be able to contest the size of the leading companies.

Huge businesses see it as a symbol of respect to have their reviews done by an employee of these companies, despite the fact the budget of such a facility might be ominously higher than what would be demanded by a smaller firm functioning precisely the same effort.

This equivalent concept of reputation also relates to all those employed by the Big four. Fresh graduates looking for occupations in the financial facilities industry tackle ferocious rivalry for the spots that are made obtainable every year, comprehending that devoting time with one of the Big 4 is the equal of procuring a degree from any prestigious institution and will place them on the steadfast road to victory.