Five Best Forensic Accounting Book: When there are fraud happen in the organization, conflict among the shareholders, and large amount of insurance claim etc, forensic accounting became more importance.

This is because the evidence to support and solve these kind of problems required a strong evidence from someone who have a very good and professional accounting knowledge embedded with professional investigation skill. The job as forensic accountant now become more and more popular with a very satisfactory paid.

In this article, we will pick up five best forensic accounting books that published by well-known authors and received best rating from the readers who are the professional working as forensic accountant and student who currently obtaining the qualification as professional forensic accountant.

If you are the students who are currently obtaining the professional qualifications as forensic accountant, working as forensic accountant or want to get better understanding about forensic accounting, these books are ready for you.

Here are they,

#1: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

  • Rating: 3.9 to 5 stars
  • Author: Richard Riley, and Joseph T. Wells

This Forensic Accounting book is one of the most popular book in this context in the term of its coverage, explanation, and example. The contents of this book arrange to follow the model curriculum for education in fraud and forensic funded by the U.S. national Institute of Justice and developed by a Technical Working Group of experts in the field.

The author of this book try his best to ensure that most of the topic related to accounting, fraud and forensic are covered. His explanation is quite simple and easy to understand no matter you are the new one in this context or the professional that already get better understanding about forensic accounting.

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Richard Riley, and Joseph T. Wells are the well known authors in fraud and forensic accounting areas. They both holds the professional certificate in this skill and have long reputation experiences related to fraud investigation and forensic accounting.

By the end of this book you will be able to get better understanding about forensic accounting, forensic account investigation, introduction to fraud, fraud through financial investigation and how to prevent it.

#2: Essentials of Forensic Accounting

Essential of forensic accounting is one of the best forensic accounting book ever publishing. This is because it is published a very high education, best practical experience and teaching experiences.

He is used to work as fraud and forensic professional examination for long period of time. Michael A. Crain, DBA, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFA, CFE is get the doctor in business administration, hold the professional certificate in practical accounting (CPA), and hold the Charter Financial Analysis. Michael A. Crain also earned CFE.

He is not only hold these many kind of professional skill, but he also lecturing in this kind of topics in the well known university, University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP).

Holding Essential of forensic accounting, you get best of chance to learn from the best authors from this categories.

#3: Forensic and Investigative Accounting

There are many students purchased this book for their class and come back to rate this book as five stars. If you are the student who currently dealing forensic accounting, forensic investigation, fraud as well as fraud investigation, this book is right for you.

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The book explain you the principle of fraud and how it happen in the real world corporation. Since the forensic accounting is significantly related to fraud, the author try to explain how the fraud could happen through financial statements. And the he explain how to perform forensic investigation.

The author also fully explain how the forensic accountant deal with lawyer, court, and what kind of report that they probably need to support the case. Since the author has many years of experiences in this context, the way how he explain, and the examples that he pick up for you are quite easy and useful for you.

#4: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

This great forensic accounting book was published by two co-authors, Howard Schilit, Ph.D., CPA and Jeremy Perler, CFA, CPA. Howard Schilit, Ph.D., CPA hold the Phd and CPA while he also hold the very high senior position in Schilit Forensics LLC. Dr. Schilit as the CEO. He not only hold the high degree in this kind of field but is also play as associate professor in accounting at American University.

Jeremy Perler, CFA, CPA. is the Director of Research at Schilit Forensics and he hold the high qualification in finance as CFA and professional accountant as CPA. These both authors contribute his best of experiences and education to get one of the best forensic accounting book for you.

#5: Forensic Accounting, Global Edition

This is the best global version of forensic accounting book you ever read. This book not only explain you the principle of fraud and forensic accounting concept. It also well explain about how those fraud could be minimize and detect.

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This book will help you to get full understanding about forensic accounting by teach you the importance technique and process to perform forensic investigation. Reporting and working with lawyer are also importance job of forensic accountant. This book play as the guideline on how to handle this task.