How To Resolve A Quickbooks “Unexpected Error”?

With the increase in automation and dependence on tech-based solutions has made life easier. On the one hand, several professionals are more empowered, but at the same time, a small technical fault or breakdown paralyzes the system.

For instance, if the customer management system is not working, you would panic because things have stuck at a point. Similarly, if your online store is facing issues, order management will suffer. Similarly, the breakdown of an accounting system paralyzes the accounting department.

Whether an organization depends on custom-built accounting software or uses accounting software like Quickbooks, errors, and breakdowns can be annoying and frustrating. But the good thing is that no problem in this world comes without a solution.

This article will discuss different technical errors and working errors that you might have to encounter when using Quickbooks. We will specifically discuss the Unexpected Error 5, its possible reasons, and how to resolve it. So let’s get into it.

What Is Quickbooks Intuit?

Quickbooks Intuit is accounting software that allows you to create, store, and send customer invoices to your clients from any device. The software links your bank and credit card accounts for easy tracking and analyzing the money flow of your small business.

You can trust the software for data entry without any painstaking process of follow-ups with accountants and outsourced accounting firms.

Another amazing thing about Quickbooks is that it learns from your interactions once you’re using the software and automates the expense categorization.

Whether it’s about managing bills, tracking miles/hours, contractors, or invoicing, you can manage everything in Quickbooks. Above all, you can create reports giving you valuable insights into your business’s financial performance and financial health.

Features of Quickbooks

Small businesses and accounting professionals can use Quickbooks for the following accounting functions:

  • Invoicing and Tracking
  • Managing bills and expenses
  • Preparation of financial reports like balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement
  • Tracking of employee time and expenses
  • Payroll management
  • Online Payment Receiving with Quickbook Payments
  • Inventory Tracking

These functions simplify the accounting complexities and procedures. However, errors can knock at the door uninvited, no matter how expert you’re. So let’s dive deeper to discuss different errors and technicalities you must know when using Quickbooks.

Different Types Of Errors In Quickbooks

Quickbooks bugs and errors can be divided into four groups: technical errors, banking errors, billing errors, and data damage errors. If we further break down each category, there are different errors in each of them that you might have to encounter when using Quickbooks. We won’t go into details about other errors but will focus on the technical errors

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Technical Errors

Technical errors are the ones that can come unexpectedly and are due to a defect in the application. These problems are commonly the result of a faulty application or ignoring the right procedure when using the software. The following error codes come under the head of technical errors:

Error 3371

The error relates to the licensing data. If you’ve activated Quickbook Desktops, the error shows a message “Could not initialize license properties. QuickBooks Error 3371: The licensing data could not be loaded. This might be due to missing or corrupted files.”

Error H202

“Network Diagnostics: Failed” message is usually shown in the case of Error H202. The error is shown when more than one computer access the files hosted on a network server. If you’re an enterprise customer, Error H202 will be common as it relates to multi-user mode.

Error 6000

The error is shown when trying to open or restore Quickbooks files, and the message shows: “An error occurred when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file.” Error Codes (-6000, -83) are provided to the user.”

Error 1603

Error 1603 occurs when installing Quickbook Desktop, and the error shows the message: “Error 1603. The update installer encountered an internal error.”

Error 6123

You will commonly face error 6123 when a Quickbooks user tries to access a business file. The description of the error says: “QuickBooks Error 6123 0 “. “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks is unable to open the company file.”

Error H505

Error H505 is also related to multi-users, and these H problems are very common in Quickbooks. The error message for H505 says: “This business file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.”

Error 6190

It’s also a technical error with Quickbooks files that say that Quickbooks is unable to open the file error codes: (-6190,-816)

Issue 15222

A payroll-related problem often shows in the Update Quickbooks box during payroll management with Quickbooks.

Problem 404

Problem 404 is a prevalent error in Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online, and you will often see the issue when using web-based services in Quickbooks.

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QBDBMGRN Not Operating Problem

Another multi-user error is a database server manager-related error that can result from stopping the server manager or non-operational server.

Technical Errors In Quickbooks Enterprise

If you’ve signed up for Quickbooks Enterprise, the most common errors you might have to face along the way are as follows:

  • QuickBooks Error H101
  • QuickBooks Error H202
  • QuickBooks Error 3371
  • QuickBooks Error 404
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 77
  • QuickBooks Error 6175 0
  • QuickBooks Error 6177
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 80
  • QuickBooks Error 6147
  • QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816
  • QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a
  • QuickBooks Error 6129

Technical Errors In Quickbooks Payroll

The common errors you will often see when using Quickbooks Payroll are as follows:

  • QuickBooks Error PS036
  • QuickBooks Error PS033
  • QuickBooks Error 15241
  • QuickBooks Error 15270
  • QuickBooks Error 15222
  • QuickBooks Error 15240
  • QuickBooks Error 6154
  • QuickBooks Error 15271
  • QuickBooks Error 15311
  • QuickBooks Error 12029

Technical Errors In Quickbooks Desktop and Online

Quickbooks Online is for effective management of business accounts using your smartphone or computer. Freelancers, CPAs, bookkeepers, and small businesses mostly rely on Quickbooks Online. Here are the most common issues faced while using the Quickbooks Online:

  • QuickBooks Error 102
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 and 832
  • QuickBooks Error 324
  • QuickBooks Error 9999
  • QuickBooks Error 12007
  • QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5
  • QuickBooks Error 12057
  • QuickBooks Error 179
  • QuickBooks Error 15243
  • QuickBooks Error 429

What Is Unexpected Error 5 And Its Causes

Now let’s come to Unexpected Error 5, which commonly appears in Quickbooks Online and Desktop. There can be several possible reasons why you’re experiencing the error while using QB.

However, once you have identified the causes, you can avoid the reasons for an error when using QB in the future. The list of possible reasons behind Unexpected Error 5 is as follows:

  • Poor network connections can result in an error message.
  • Your network data file might be damaged, showing the message of Unexpected Error 5 in QB.
  • A corrupt company file can also result in an Unexpected Error.
  • If a certain user does not have permission to access specific multi-user files, he/she will see Unexpected Error 5. 
  • There might be a bug in the current version of Quickbooks. Consider updating or downloading the updated & fresh version of Quickbooks.
  • The desktop or device might be under virus or malware that is not letting the program run smoothly.
  • The computer might not have shut down properly, leading to Quickbooks not working properly.
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How To Resolve Unexpected Error 5?

Whatever the reason behind the error, everyone is interested in getting the key to resolving the issue. There are actually 4 solutions that you can try alternatively if one is not working. So let’s get started with the number 1.

Solution # 1 File Recreation

Let’s start with the possibility of the user file being damaged or corrupt. You will need to recreate the user file by following the simple steps given below:

  1. Open Quickbook Desktop Application.
  2. Go to the company tab>Users> Set Up User and Roles.
  3. Find the Users Experiencing Errors and remove all the users who’re facing an error.
  4. The next thing is to create an account by putting your details in there and Ok. You’re good to go.

Solution 2: Turn Off User Account Control

If you turn off user account control, it might help resolve the problem causing Quickbooks to show an Unexpected Error. Follow the simple steps as given below:

  1. From your Quickbook Desktop, open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to User Account > Change User Account Control Settings > Yes and move the slider to Never Notify.
  3. Restart your device and check your Quickbooks Files

Solution 3: Permit File Share Access

You can also resolve the problem by permitting the file-sharing by following the given steps:

  1. Launch File Explorer and look for the folder where the company file is saved.
  2. Next, Right-click Folder > Properties > Sharing > Full/Partial Sharing.
  3. Hit the Apply tab and Ok.

Solution 4: Fresh Installation Of Quickbooks

As we mentioned, a possible cause of the unexpected error can be a bug in Quickbooks’ installed setup on your device. Therefore, if the above two solutions are not working for you, you should consider the clean installation of Quickbooks on your device and try it again.

Follow these steps for clean installation:

  1. Download and Install Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  2. Launch the application, and go to Installation Issues.
  3. Select Clean Install Tool, yes to the permissions, and wait for a fresh installation.

Wrap Up

We have discussed different errors that users commonly face when using different Quickbooks solutions.

However, Unexpected Error 5 is commonly found in Quickbooks Desktop and Online. You can resolve the issue by using any of the given methods in the article. We hope you will be able to get rid of the problem.