Ultimate Guide to Best Buy Pay Stub and W2s For a Current and Former Employee

Best Buy Co. Inc. is a multinational company known for retail consumer electronics. The American-based company has its headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota, and it was established in 1866 as an audio specialty store.

The old name of Best Buy was Sound of Music, and the company changed its name to Best Buy Co. Superstores in 1983. Just one year later, the name was yet revised and changed to Best Buy Superstores in 1984.

If we talk about the market size and resources of Best Buy Co. Inc., it is the largest retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. There are over 1000 stores of Best Buy Co. with over 100,000 people employed.

The company is still expanding its business and has made its way to become the undisputed leader of the American consumer market for retail electronics.

If you’re an employee of Best Buy, we have created this ultimate guide to let you know the methods of getting your monthly paystubs or W2s from Best Buy Co. Inc. Whether you’re a current employee of the company or worked at Best Buy in the past, you will get the answers to your questions.

So, let’s get into it without further ado.

Key Takeaways

  • Paystub is a digital document containing information about an employee’s wages, salaries, compensation, deductions, contributions, etc.
  • Current employees of Best Buy can access their paystubs and W2s via the self-service portal, My ADB portal, or Workday portal.
  • Former Best Buy Co. Inc. employees can access their pay stubs by accessing their Work Day account or contacting HR.
  • Former employees can access their W2s by logging into their Workday account or requesting HR to send W2s to their mailing address.

How To Get Access To Best Buy Paystubs and W2s As Current Employees?

If you currently work at Best Buy, you might need your monthly paystubs to know what deductions and contributions are being made from your payslip.

Besides, the company is obligated to send all the employees their W2s before Jan 31 of every year. Here are the options to access your paystubs and W2s as company employees.

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Best Buy Employee Portal

Best Buy Co. Inc. has a self-service portal for its employees where they can log in with a dedicated password and username.

The employee portal of Best Buy has all the tools and resources an employee might need. Whether you want to access your paystubs or view your current and old W2s, you can do this on the Best Buy Employee portal.

Similarly, the platforms have resources for old employees and people eager to join the company in the future. Besides the payment statement, tax forms, etc., the portal gives employees access to their job benefits, employment laws, employee rights, etc.

Here is how you can log in to the employee portal and access your paystubs & W2s:

  1. Visit the official website of Best Buy for the employees here.
  2. Click on the Sign In button under Are you a current employee?
  3. It will redirect you to the sign-in page, where you must provide your username/user ID in an empty field. Click on Next.
  4. Provide your password in the empty field on the next page. Click Sign In.
  5. Once signed in, you can see your W2s under tax statements and paystubs under the section of pay statements.

Paperless Pay

Paperless Pay was yet another option for the current employees of Best Buy to get access to monthly paystubs and W2s. However, the employees of Best Buy can no longer access their tax statements or pay statements from TALX paperless pay.

All the information has been transferred to ADP, an app of Best Buy, where employees can log in and access their personal and employment-related resources.


ADP portal is available for the employees and partners of Best Buy. You can either log in to the online portal or download the ADP app on your mobile device for 24/7 access without interruption.

So every employee of Best Buy Co will need to register their account on ADP with the registration code provided by the HR or payroll department.

Here is how to register and log in for your ADP account to access your pay statements and W2s as a current employee of Best Buy:

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  1. As a new employee who must register for an ADP account, you must contact the HR or payroll department and request your self-service registration code.
  2. Once you have the code, visit the official website of ADP here.
  3. Click on Create Account button, and it will open the registration page showing two options: find me, and I have a registration code.
  4. Click on I have a registration code and it will open a new page. Enter the registration code and click on Continue.
  5. Fill in your identity information in the second step and provide the contact information in the third step.
  6. Create your username & password, and complete the registration process.


  1. Visit the official website of ADP here.
  2. Enter your user ID in the empty field and click on Next.
  3. Provide your password and click on Login.
  4. Once signed in, you can access your monthly pay stubs as well as the annual W2 for current or previous years.

How To Get Access To Best Buy Paystubs and W2s As Former Employees?

What are your options for getting your old paystubs and W2s from Best Buy if you no longer work?

Here is what you need to know as a former employee of Best Buy Co.

Pay stubs

If you want to access your paystubs after you have left the company, you can’t log in to the self-service employees portal. However, there are two methods you can use to get your old pay stubs:


Workday is an Enterprise Management Cloud that many companies use for HR management, including payroll management, time logging, talent management, etc. Best Buy Co. also uses Workday to manage their employees. The company’s former employees can access their previous pay statements by logging into their Workday accounts.

Here is the step-by-step guide for former employees to get their old pay statements:

  1. Visit the official webpage of Workday here.
  2. Enter your username and password in the empty fields. Click on Sign In, and you will be logged in to your account.
  3. Workday is the solution for former employees if they want to access their pay stubs dated after Oct 1, 2022.
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Contact HR

If a former employee wants to access his pay stubs prior to Oct 1, 2022, he will need to contact the HR or payroll department of Best Buy. You can get your monthly pay stubs by requesting the HR Support Center at the following number:


The former employees can call on the HR Support Center from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m to 7 p.m CT.

Form W2

If a former employee wants to access his W2 from Best Buy after leaving the company, here are the options for him:


You can log in to your Workday account to access your current year’s W2 by logging into your Best Buy Workday account. If you are unable to register for Workday, you can contact the HR Contact Center of Best Buy Co. to assist you in completing the registration process.

Via Mail

Former employees of Best Buy can also opt to receive their W2s from the company at the mailing address. However, ensure you have updated your mailing address before Dec 20 so you don’t miss your tax statements.

It is important to note that USPS will not forward W2s even if you have provided a forwarding address. Therefore, be very careful to provide an accurate mailing address for W2s.


What is Best Buy ETK?

Best Buy ETK is not for the individual use of employees, but it can be accessed from the Best Buy computers installed in the stores. The application allows the teams to access the resources and necessary tools of Best Buy.

How do I find my Best Buy pay statement?

You can find your pay statements as a current employee of the company via the online self-service portal, my ADB, or the Workday portal.

How much do Best Buy employees make?

The average wages of Best Buy employees range between $11.44 to $22.14 per hour.

Who is the HR manager at Best Buy?

Kamy Scarlett is the current chief human resources officer of Best Buy Co. Inc.