11 Best Software For Bookkeepers (2023 Updated)

Delivering a promise that you gave is probably what drives the successful bookkeeper the most. Either you are a bookkeeper which is employed by the company or you are a CPA that provides booking services.

To deliver that promise, you might need to possess skills and expertise including accounting and financial reporting skills, communication skills, and more.

You also need to have a license that is approved by the regulator, authority, or association to offer bookkeeping services or become a professional bookkeeper.

Regardless of being small or mid-size, every business requires a working bookkeeping system. With technological advancements, software programs designed for bookkeepers make the task simpler to achieve.

A business owner, bookkeeper, as well as leader in the accounting and finance division, needs to familiarize himself or herself with a variety of bookkeeping software accessible in the current market. After a thorough survey, choose the best fit for the business.

If you are a bookkeeper or an accounting professional that plays a similar role and responsibilities, below is the list of the best accounting software and tools that could help you succeed in delivering your promise to your company or your clients.

What is Bookkeeper Software?

Bookkeeper software aims on keeping a track of all the financial data for small and mid-size businesses. By providing an automated organization interface for financial functions and transactions with elements comprising accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, payroll, and general ledger.

Setting up bookkeeping

Conditional on the time period of your business being functional, initiating the signup process for a bookkeeping software may take from around a few minutes to some hours. To start with, you will have to provide your contact details.

Moving on to uploading your logo files for sales and purchase forms. Answering questions regarding when your fiscal year starts or whether you want specific features like inventory tracking and purchase orders to be turned on or off.

Usually, bookkeeping software has monthly subscription fees and also offers free trial periods. To set up your business ideally, you will have to give in more time and monthly charges to get access to further tools.

Bookkeeping software for your business needs

As per your business complexity, if you require entry-level financial management tools or small business accounting tools it is all available on the FreshBooks.

Various bookkeeper apps offer a batch of tools with sufficient variation that you can pick the ideal fit for your business.

The following list of 10 best bookkeeper software is aimed to specifically help business owners with a load of invoices to cater, to and several clients to deal with.

They can observe the sales figures, clear due checks, and even cater to new clients through the mentioned bookkeeper software with ease.

1. FreshBooks (Best for Bookkeeper) ($13.5 – $45 Per Month)

FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that makes it easy for small businesses owner, accountants, and particularly bookkeepers that provide beekeeping services for all sizes of business including sole proprietors, and small and medium businesses.

Also, it is an excellent tool for anticipating financial trends and monitoring client expenditures.

Moreover, it makes it simple for customers to keep track of their earnings and expenses, allowing them to generate annual tax forecasts or profit reports tailored to their company requirements.

Key Features:

  • Maintain an accounting record of all expenditures.
  • Issue invoices to clients
  • Keep track of the time spent on a project
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Make use of the double-entry method
  • Make estimates for customers
  • Prepare reports via FreshBooks financial reporting
  • Invite up to 10 team members using the My Team feature.
  • Available app for both desktop and mobile.

​​Pro of FreshBooks Best for Bookkeeper:

One of the prominent advantages of FreshBooks that makes it the best choice for bookkeepers lies in its exceptional features and benefits tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Easy to use: FreshBooks excels in its user-friendliness, providing easy-to-learn and navigate software. This makes it a perfect option for bookkeepers who may need to become more familiar with accounting software, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.
  2. Intuitive interface: FreshBooks’ intuitive interface allows bookkeepers to locate and utilize the features they require easily. Streamlining the process saves valuable time and reduces frustration, optimizing bookkeeping operations.
  3. Automated tasks: With FreshBooks, bookkeepers can automate various essential tasks, including invoice creation, expense tracking, and time tracking. This automation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, reducing the chances of errors in crucial financial records.
  4. Customizable reports: FreshBooks empowers bookkeepers to create custom reports catering to their needs. This feature enables them to track finances, make well-informed decisions effectively, and tailor reports to suit the preferences of their clients.
  5. Mobile app: The availability of FreshBooks’ mobile app enables bookkeepers to access their data and manage their accounts on the go. This proves particularly helpful for bookkeepers who are frequently on the move or need to access their data from multiple devices.
  6. Integrations: FreshBooks seamlessly integrates with other business applications such as PayPal, Stripe, and Google Drive. This integration capability allows bookkeepers to effortlessly import data from different sources, keeping their records up-to-date and ensuring a comprehensive view of their financial information.
  7. Support: FreshBooks offers a range of support options, including online documentation, phone support, and live chat. This comprehensive support system ensures that bookkeepers can readily seek assistance whenever they encounter any issues or have questions.
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Con of FreshBooks Best for Bookkeeper:

While FreshBooks is a commendable choice for bookkeepers, some notable drawbacks should be considered:

  1. Limited features: One significant drawback of FreshBooks is that it needs certain features that may be essential for some bookkeepers. For instance, inventory management, fixed asset tracking, and project management capabilities are unavailable in the software, which may pose challenges for bookkeepers requiring these functionalities.
  2. No double-entry accounting: FreshBooks does not support the standard accounting method of double-entry accounting, widely used by many businesses. This limitation can make it difficult for bookkeepers to accurately track financial transactions and generate comprehensive reports, potentially hindering the precision of their financial records.
  3. Limited user capacity: Another constraint of FreshBooks is that it restricts the number of users to one per account. This limitation may need to be improved for businesses that rely on multiple bookkeepers to manage their financial data, thereby limiting collaboration and efficiency.
  4. Expensive: The FreshBooks cost may prove costly for businesses dealing with a high volume of transactions or requiring multiple user accounts. The pricing structure could burden such companies financially, impacting their overall budget.

Why is Fresh Book the best Software For Bookkeepers?

FreshBooks stands out as the best software for bookkeepers due to its exceptional features tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Easy to use: FreshBooks is designed with bookkeepers in mind, ensuring it’s accessible and straightforward even for those without accounting experience. This makes it an ideal choice for new bookkeepers or those seeking to optimize their bookkeeping tasks efficiently.
  2. Intuitive interface: The user-friendly interface of FreshBooks makes it a breeze for bookkeepers to locate and utilize the required features. This seamless navigation saves precious time and enhances productivity.
  3. Customizable templates: Bookkeepers can take advantage of FreshBooks’ wide array of customizable templates. These templates are invaluable for creating invoices, estimates, and other essential documents tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.
  4. Time tracking: With FreshBooks, bookkeepers can easily track their time, which is beneficial for accurate client billing and monitoring project durations effectively.
  5. Expense tracking: FreshBooks also offers an expense tracking feature, empowering bookkeepers to monitor business costs meticulously and easily submit expense reports.
  6. Integrations: FreshBooks seamlessly integrates with various other apps, allowing bookkeepers to streamline their workflows and save valuable time.
  7. Support: Bookkeepers can rely on FreshBooks’ 24/7 support, assisting them whenever they encounter questions or issues, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Con of QuickBooks Best for Bookkeeper

While QuickBooks is a robust accounting software and a popular choice for many businesses, there are some noteworthy drawbacks that bookkeepers should be aware of before selecting it as their preferred solution:

  1. Price: QuickBooks can become expensive, especially for businesses with multiple users or those dealing with a high volume of transactions. The cost may escalate as additional users are required or when more advanced features are needed.
  2. Complexity: QuickBooks can be complex to learn and use, particularly for businesses with intricate financial needs. Navigating the software and utilizing advanced features might pose challenges for some bookkeepers, necessitating additional training or support.
  3. Customization: Compared to other accounting software options, QuickBooks may need more customization required by businesses with unique and specific needs. Limited customization can hinder bookkeepers from tailoring the software to match their organization’s requirements.
  4. Data security: QuickBooks has experienced some security concerns, which may raise concerns for bookkeepers about protecting sensitive financial data.

Additional cons of QuickBooks for bookkeepers include:

  • Mobile app usability: The mobile app may offer a different user-friendly experience than the desktop version, potentially limiting bookkeepers who prefer to work on the go.
  • Customer support: Some users have reported slow response times from QuickBooks’ customer support, which can be frustrating for bookkeepers seeking prompt assistance.
  • Handling complex financial transactions: QuickBooks may prove challenging for bookkeepers dealing with complex financial transactions requiring specialized accounting functionalities.

Considering these cons, bookkeepers should carefully evaluate their needs and preferences before opting for QuickBooks. 

2) QuickBooks (Best for Bookkeeper)

Best For

New startup businesses looking for accounting software appropriate for their size.


QuickBooks is one of the best software for bookkeepers with accounting features that fit small-scale businesses. It gets easier to achieve the finance objective of your business with both – the registered and digital versions.

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As the app name suggests, you get quick access to clients, sellers, and worker data.

QuickBooks Pricing Overview

Here is an overview of the pricing options for QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Online Essentials:

  • Price: $12.95 per month
  • Users: 1 user
  • Features: This plan includes basic accounting features, invoicing, and payment processing capabilities. It provides essential tools for managing finances and streamlining invoicing processes.

QuickBooks Online Plus:

  • Price: $22.95 per month
  • Users: Up to 3 users
  • Features: Besides all the features offered in Essentials, this plan includes inventory management, project management, and payroll functionality. It caters to businesses that require more advanced tools to handle inventory, projects, and payroll operations.

QuickBooks Online Advanced:

  • Price: $35.95 per month
  • Users: Up to 5 users
  • Features: Building upon the capabilities of the Plus plan, Advanced offers advanced reporting, budgeting, and analytics features. It is suitable for businesses seeking in-depth financial insights and improved budget management.

QuickBooks Online Enterprise:

  • Price: Starts at $150 per month
  • Users: Up to 10 users
  • Features: This plan encompasses all the functionalities of the Advanced plan while also providing additional benefits like multi-currency support, advanced inventory management, and the ability to cre

Why is QuickBooks the best Software For Bookkeepers?

QuickBooks stands as the ultimate choice for bookkeepers, offering a plethora of benefits that cater to their specific needs:

  1. Easy to use: QuickBooks boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and navigate, making it an excellent option for bookkeepers unfamiliar with accounting software. Its simplicity ensures a smooth onboarding process.
  2. Powerful features: Bookkeepers can rely on QuickBooks’ extensive features to automate tasks, monitor finances, and generate comprehensive reports. By automating processes, QuickBooks saves bookkeepers time and enhances the accuracy of their work.
  3. Integrations: QuickBooks seamlessly integrates with various business applications like banks, credit card processors, and inventory management systems. This integration capability facilitates easy data import and ensures up-to-date records, streamlining bookkeeping operations.
  4. Support: QuickBooks provides multiple support options, including online documentation, phone assistance, and live chat, ensuring bookkeepers can seek help whenever needed. This reliable support system makes troubleshooting and learning more convenient.

In addition to the above, there are several other benefits of choosing QuickBooks for bookkeeping:

  • Accuracy: QuickBooks minimizes errors through task automation and built-in checks and balances, guaranteeing precision in financial records.
  • Efficiency: With its automation and user-friendly reporting, QuickBooks empowers bookkeepers to save valuable time, improving overall efficiency.
  • Peace of mind: QuickBooks instills confidence in bookkeepers regarding the reliability of their financial data and reporting, offering peace of mind.

As a bookkeeper, I recommend considering QuickBooks as your accounting software. 

Its powerful features, user-friendly design, time-saving automation, and dependable support make it a valuable tool that enhances accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness in bookkeeping operations.

3) Traxit

Best For

Tax management software aimed at small businesses like bookkeepers, certified public accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EA), tax preparers, etc.

Product Details

Traxit is a workflow/preparation management software that assists business owners in directing, monitoring, allocating, and giving feedback on any task.

Effortlessly go through the control panel for the flawless advanced outline to make rapid choices for your business. Set up a routine and monitor the position of schedules, with everything that needs numerous steps to tax returns and bookkeeping.

Traxit Pricing Overview

Traxit pricing initiates from $50.00 on monthly basis. Although they do not have a free version, Traxit does provide a free trial.

4) Veryfi – Expenses, Receipts & Projects

Best For

Veryfi caters to various fields of work, be it construction firms, department trade, and substantial civil engineering with employees, healthcare, or even SMBs with teams.

Product details

A new and innovative automated bookkeeping software. Veryfi supports your business in more than just automation of accounting (data entry, classification, and resolution).

With its industry’s fastest OCR and machine learning engine, Veryfi tends to absorb formless receipts, statements and buying to eventually structure them into a data format.

Veryfi supports you in accomplishing your tax responsibilities to the IRS, capitalizing on tax reductions, and eradicating manual data entry.

Veryfi pricing overview

Pricing at Veryfi starts as low as $15.00 monthly. It offers a free version with a free trial as well!

5) Neat

Best for

Small businesses require a boost in bookkeeping through a computerized solution that improves efficiency, allows association and partnership, and delivers instantaneous financial prominence.

Product details

Neat improves the efficiency of any small businesses by serving them to eradicate the use of paper, move to digitization, and systematize their bookkeeping tasks.

Through the Neat software, small businesses can easily establish and move their paper data in a digital arrangement for professional and income tax purposes.

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With Neat, you can transfer it to accounting, contact organization, and promotion automation areas, control examination tools to observe the overall condition of their business, and generate expense reports for compensation.

Neat pricing overview

Neat pricing ranges over $99.99 for a yearly subscription. Even though they do not give out a free version but they do deliver a free trial.

6) Dext (Receipt bank)

Best For

Ideal app to cater to the tasks of SMBs, bookkeepers, and accountants.

Product details

Receipt Bank works best as a digital bookkeeping software. More than 360,000 businesses and more than 50,000 accountants and bookkeepers find this software reliable.

The best thing is it saves them time and money for the client as well as the business owner that could be spent on manual bookkeeping.

After collecting the relevant paperwork from all areas of interest, the Receipt bank automates it and creates it for understanding – from provider portals and service suppliers to incomes divided into sections.

With receipt bank, customers can spontaneously save and categorize all their paperwork within a blink of an eye.

Starting price

Receipt Bank does provide a free trial.

7) Botkeeper

Best for

Botkeeper essentially helps in various fields and presently has several clients with a blend of business types. Mostly the client base is of SMB’s, but bookkeeper also focuses on multi-location and initiatives.

Product details

Botkeeper can be safely labeled as the future of accounting as it properly delivers automatic bookkeeping backing for businesses by consuming a great blend of capable accountants combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Customers at bookkeeper obtain 24/7 accounting backing along with the implausible understanding of the financials with attractive control panels and limitless reporting.

Botkeeper pricing overview

Botkeeper initiates the pricing from $99.00 monthly, which is a bit costly. They do not have a free version, however, just like many; bookkeeper also provides a free trial.

8) Hubdoc

Best for

Bookkeeping solution that assists businesses (regardless of their sizes) to dig out data from statements, information classification, etc.

Product details

As a financial data aggregator, Hubdoc takes the relevant details of the business and its information from accounts, receipts, and messages and saves it in an integrated automated hub.

Hubdoc pricing overview

After a free trial, you can avail Hubdoc’s version at a starting price of $20.00 monthly. It does not offer any free versions so far.

9) MoneyMinder

Best for

Bookkeepers of close sets, service groups, scout troops, networking groups, promoter clubs, sports clubs, HOAs, faith-based organizations, etc.

Product details

MoneyMinder takes the lead when it comes to nonprofit bookkeeper software. With MoneyMinder – a cloud-based solution – any business can effortlessly succeed in all of its finances.

A complete package of MoneyMinder comprises prevailing tools, that benefit undertaking bookkeeping in a very effective yet time-saving manner. All your panel changes will be unified and your books will maintain transparency.

MoneyMinder pricing overview

MoneyMinder offers a free version and even a trial to go through. The pricing starts at $159.00 on annual basis.

10) Zap accounting

Best for

Ranging from small to medium-size businesses, freelancers, consultants, and services.

Product details

Zap Accounting is an easy-to-use bookkeeping software specially designed for small businesses. It is easy to keep up with your books through Zap Accounting. Even the non-accountants can benefit from this as it does all the accounting while you focus on your business.

Zap accounting pricing overview

Zap Accounting pricing initiates from $9.00 monthly. Before going for it you can check their free trial as well.

11) Pandle

Best for

Pandle focuses on small businesses with slight experience in bookkeeping but who want to achieve a double-entry system that is usable and understandable.

Product details

Being a free bookkeeping software, Pandle offers easy and well-organized cloud accounting intended for small businesses.

In case of any error during bookkeeping, the interactive help from Pandle immediately warns which can then be manually checked to make sure it is correct.

Pandle pricing overview

A free version and trial of Pandle are available. When you go for a priced version, it starts at $6.64 on monthly basis.


With that, you get an overall guide of the top 10 bookkeeping software that are currently ruling the market. If you are a beginner ready to invest, QuickBooks can be the best option but a bit heavy on pockets.

As per your business needs, you can go for the next ideal choice. These apps could be valuable for small businesses but have a larger budget as they have a qualified style fixed with a striking feature list.

For those who can choose simplicity over, Veryfi is a worthwhile choice to make. Therefore, business owners are required to analyze their business needs before they select any bookkeeping software.