Ultimate Guide to Dollar Tree Pay Stubs and W2s For a Current and Former Employee

Dollar Tree is a US-based multi-price-point discount variety store chain operating in 48 states of the US and Canada. The company was founded in 1986 in Norfolk, Virginia, by K. R. Perry.

The idea of Dollar Tree struck the founder during his ownership of the Ben Franklin variety store. After noticing that customers were more interested in buying cheaper products, he opened the first Dollar Tree store, where every product had a price of $1 or less.

In 1991, the company was registered as a public company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. As the years passed by, Dollar Tree kept growing and expanding. It took over several other store chains like Dollar Bills, Only $1.00, etc., to become the no.1 chain of its kind in the United States.

Dollar Tree is recognized as one of the top discount variety store chains in the United States. There are over 15,000 stores and 185000+ employees of Dollar Tree, per the company’s disclosure in 2021. The company also entered the Canadian market in 2013 and took over the local discount store chain Dollar Giant.

If you’re also part of this big workforce of Dollar Tree and wondering how you can get your paycheck stubs and W2s from the employer, this is the guide for you. We have covered everything you need to know in this ultimate guide on accessing your W2s and paycheck stubs from Dollar Tree.

What Is Dollar Tree Paycheck Stub?

A paycheck stub is documentary evidence of an employee’s gross earnings, deductions, net pay, etc. The employer issues the paycheck stub or pay stubs to the employee.

 Back in the past, employers would provide their employees with paper pay stubs. However, with the introduction of electronic methods, the dependence on paper pay stubs has been minimized. The employers issue pay stubs to their employees through electronic means like email, self-service portals, etc.

If we talk about Dollar Tree paycheck stubs, the company also send electronic pay stubs to its employees via the self-service portal. The employees can view and download their monthly paycheck stubs for the record.

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What Is Dollar Tree W2 Form?

Form W2, formally known as Wages and Tax Statement, is a tax statement the IRS requires employers to file for every employee receiving $600 or more from him in a tax year. The Form W2 of every employee contains information about employees’ income during a tax year, taxes withheld, annual deductions, net pay, etc.

Dollar Tree Form W2 is also issued from the company to its employees and contains all the necessary information about the income and deductions from annual salary. The employees of the company receive their Form W2 from the company via electronic mail, mailing address, and self-service portal.

How To Get Dollar Tree Paycheck Stub As Current Employee?

What are your options to get your Dollar Tree monthly pay stubs as a current employee or associate?

Here is what you need to know about accessing your Dollar Tree paycheck stubs:

Online Portals

Dollar Tree has introduced multiple ways for its employees to access their monthly pay stubs. If you have opted to receive your salary from Dollar Tree via check, you can view your monthly pay stubs and relevant financial information on the following portals:


The employees of Dollar Tree, called Dollar Tree Associates” can access your monthly pay stubs at www.dollartree.com/associates. Once you’re signed up for the website, you can view your paychecks, download them or take print of it.

DocuDelivery is the website where you get redirected from the main site of Dollar Tree. Once you click on View My Pay Stubs on the link mentioned above, you’re redirected to the login page of Docudelivery.

You will need to sign in for the website by using the following information as the current employee of the company:

  1. Your company number + employee number are the associate ID you will use for login.
  2. The initial password of the portal is the employee’s two-digit birth month + two-digit birth year + last four digits of SSN. However, you can change your password once you get on board for the Docudelivery.
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Once you have logged in, you can view pay stubs for up to the last four months and the current month.  

Paperless Employee

The weekly amount is deposited in their accounts for employees who opt to receive their pay through direct deposit. They can access their monthly pay stubs through a third-party portal called Paperless Employee.

Here is how to access your paperlessemployee.com portal as a current employee of Dollar Tree:

  1. Visit the official webpage of Paperless Employees for Dollar Tree employees here.
  2. You will enter your user ID and password in the given fields if you have already registered for Paperlessemployee.com. However, registration is required in case of the first visit to visit.
  3. Once you register and log in, you can access your monthly pay stubs as a current employee of Dollar Tree.

Contact HR Department

The third option for the current employees is to contact the company’s payroll department to resolve the issues regarding paycheck stub access. Besides, the employees who need early access to their monthly paystubs can also contact the company’s payroll department at [email protected] to get the resolution.

How To Get Dollar Tree Paycheck Stub As a Former Employee?

What if you were working at Dollar Tree in the past but had called it ended? What are your options to receive their paychecks stubs from Dollar Tree?

The former associates of the company can access their pay stubs by contacting the payroll department with the following information: full name, employee number, date range for which you need paystubs, and complete address.

You will send this information to [email protected] and receive their response. As a former employee, you can opt to receive the paystubs via email or mailing address.

How To Check Information Accuracy Of Your Paycheck Stubs?

When you are viewing your monthly paycheck stubs, here is the information which you need to confirm is accurate:

  • Check Personal Information
  • Verify Payment Details
  • Look And Calculate Tax Deductions
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What To Do If Your Paycheck Stub Is Not Correct?

If you find any information is incorrect on your paycheck stubs, immediate action is expected from the employee. Contact the company’s payroll department and get your paychecks corrected to report accurate information and receive the revised paycheck stubs with updated information.

How To Get Form W2 From Dollar Tree As Current Or Former Employee?

What are the options to receive Form W2 from Dollar Tree as a current or former employee of the company?


DocuDelivery is the portal for the current employees of Dollar Tree, where they can receive the annual W2 Form by January 31st. According to the company’s general practice, the employees receive their electronic Form W2 by the mid of January. However, the paper Form W2s might take longer until mailed to the employees.

Paperless Employee

Dollar Tree’s current and former employees can view, download, and print their paycheck stubs from the online self-service portal. Register for the portal on the website, log in to your account, and view your tax-related statements, whether you’re a current or a former employee of Dollar Tree.

Mailing Address

The company also allows current and former employees to receive their annual Form W2 at the registered mailing address of the employee. However, the current and former employees must make sure the most updated mailing address is listed with the company. Otherwise, you might not be able to receive your W2 from the company.

Contact Payroll Department

Finally, if you have not received your W2 from Dollar Tree or there is any misappropriation in your Form, you can contact the HR or Payroll department of the company to get the corrections immediately. The HR department of the company will provide you with an appropriate resolution.