2022 Guide to Get Form W-2 From DoorDash (Current and Former Employees)

Most persons work as independent contractors and merchant partners with DoorDash. Both of these categories of employer partners do not receive W-2s.

Let us discuss how to get Form W-2 as an employee and other relevant forms from DoorDash.

What is Form W-2?

Form W-2 is provided by employers to their employees. The employer will issue this form to provide employees with withholding tax and income information.

Generally, the IRS considers a worker as an employee if the employer has control over the tasks performed by the employee. This applies to full-time and part-time employees as well.

The Form W-2 provides the following information:

  • Employee’s taxable income and federal income tax amount are withheld by the employer.
  • The amount of social security and Medicare income and FICA taxes withheld by the employer.
  • Employee’s taxable and nontaxable benefits.
  • Amount of state taxes and taxes withheld.

The IRS requires all employers to issue W-2s to their employees and ensure that federal income taxes are withheld and transferred on time.

When Does DoorDash Issue W-2 to its Employees?

Like any other employer, DoorDash must issue Form W-2s to its employees no later than January 31 every year.

DoorDash employees will use Form W-4 to provide their personal information, dependents’ information, and how their taxes should be withheld by the employer.

DoorDash will then use Form W-4 to withhold federal and state income taxes for its employees.

DoorDash will send you Form W-2 by email, registered mail, or by hand at the office. If you do not receive this form before January 31, you should contact the DoorDash support team.

Please note that Form W-2 is only for DoorDash permanent employees. You’ll not receive a W-2 if you are working as an independent contractor or a business partner with DoorDash.

How to Get Form W-2 as a Former Employee from DoorDash?

If you have worked at DoorDash for a significant portion of the taxable year, you’ll likely receive Form W-2 as you did previously.

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However, as your contact information and employment status change, you may not directly receive a W-2 from DoorDash as a former employee.

In that case, you can request through email or by calling the support team at DoorDash to get your W-2. You should also reconcile the federal income tax withheld by DoorDash and your new employer.

Form W-2 for Dashers Working with DoorDash

Delivery drivers, commonly known as Dashers are independent workers. So, they do not get Form W-2 from DoorDash as it does not withhold their federal income taxes.

Instead, dashers will receive Form 1099-NEC.

1099-NEC is issued to self-employed, independent contractors, and freelancers who receive non-employee compensation.

Since dashers do not receive income from DoorDash directly and their work nature does not fit into the definition of employee, they receive 1099-NEC.

DoorDash has partnered with Stripe to manage tax forms like 1099 for its partners including dashers and merchants.

So, you’ll receive your 1099-NEC from Stripe if you earn more than $600 per year. You should receive your 1099-NEC before January 31 every year from Stripe.

If you opt to receive this 1099-NEC in printed form, you should expect to receive it no later than February 14.

Will the Merchant Partners of DoorDash Get a Form W-2?

Merchant partners like restaurants will not receive Form W-2. Instead, they receive Form 1099-K.

Form 1099-K is another variant of 1099 that is issued to merchants and vendors using third-party settlement organizations (TPSO) or third-party payment networks.

DoorDash restaurant partners earning more than $ 20,000 per year and making 200+ transactions should receive Form 1099-K every year.

Stripe issues form 1099-K to merchant partners of DoorDash using the same process as it does for Dashers.

You should reconcile the order subtotal amounts and taxes paid on them during the year on Form 1099-K.

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If you file taxes electronically, your usual last date to file for taxes is March 31. For paper filing, your deadline is February 28 every year.

You can get a copy of Form 1099-K from DoorDash at any time by contacting their support team through email or call.

What is the Difference Between a Form W-2 and 1099-NEC?

Form W-2 and 1099-NEC are issued by employers. W-2 is issued to employees and 1099-NEC is issued to contractors and other partners who receive non-employee compensation.

Employees must provide their full tax information on Form W-4 when they join a new employer. The employer will then use that information to withhold taxes and issue Form W-2 to the employee.

Employers must send a copy of W-2 and 1099-NEC to employees and contractors by January 31.

Employers will also submit copies of these forms to the IRS before the due date.

You can receive both forms at the same time from the same employer.

For instance, if you work as a full-time employee with DoorDash and do the delivery tasks in your spare time, you should receive W-2 and 1099-NEC.

What is the Difference Between a Form W-9 and 1099-NEC?

As discussed above 1099-NEC are issued to contractors and self-employed persons.

Contractors and suppliers use Form W-9 to provide their tax information to their employer or partner.

Form W-9 includes important information about the contractor/supplier like tax identification number or social security number.

A contractor or supplier is required to file an information return with the IRS to report:

  • Income paid to you.
  • Real estate transactions.
  • Mortgage interest you paid.
  • Acquisition or abandonment of secured property.
  • Cancellation of debt.
  • Contributions you made to an IRA.

The employer must distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor to issue the right type of form. In rare cases, you may receive both types of forms as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Form W-2, W-9, and 1099-NEC for DoorDash

Let us answer a few commonly asked questions about tax forms from DoorDash.

How to Decide if I Get a Form W-2 or 1099-NEC?

Your employer will evaluate the type and nature of your work. Your employment contract will usually decide whether the employer controls your work significantly.

If you fit the definition of an employee, you’ll receive W-2 and 1099-NEC if you work as an independent contractor.

Do I Need to Contact Stripe for my 1099-NEC?

If you have created an account with Stripe Express, you should receive 1099-NEC through email.

However, if you didn’t receive Form 1099 by January 31, you can contact the Stripe helpline.

Can I Download My 1099-NEC online?

Yes, when you create an online account with Stripe Express, you get Form 1099-NEC or W-2 in the dashboard. You can download this form online from the Stripe Express dashboard.

What If I am Not Enrolled with Stripe Express Account?

DoorDash handles its Forms W-2s and 1099s through Stripe Express. If you are not enrolled with Stripe Express, create an online account to avoid delays.

When Will I Receive My 1099-NEC from Stripe?

You should receive 1099-NEC or W-2 from Stripe before January 31 every year.

How Can I Update My Tax Information with Stripe?

Log in to your Stripe Express account and request an information change to update your tax information.

How Can I Contact DoorDash for My Tax Forms?

You can contact the Stripe support team for your tax forms. If they do not answer your queries, you can also contact the DoorDash support team.