2022 Guide to Get W2 from Macy’s (Current and Former Employees)

Macy’s current and former employees can get their W-s from the “My Insite” portal designed for all employees.

This portal provides a lot more than just tax information. Employees can use their employee IDs and password to access this portal and retrieve valuable information.

Let us discuss how Macy’s current and former employees can use the My Insite portal to get their Form W-2s.

What is Form W-2 for Macy’s Employees?

Employees get a copy of Form W-2 from their employers. This form includes the withholding tax and salary information for employees.

Employers must send a copy of W-2 to the IRS and their employees every year. It is issued to employees of an entity.

W-2 is not issued to self-employed or independent contractors. They use different tax forms.

Form W-2 offers the following information:

  • Employee’s federal and state tax amounts are withheld by the employer.
  • Social security and Medicare amounts
  • FICA taxes
  • Employee’s taxable and nontaxable benefits

Employers file Forms W-2 and W-3 with the social security administration (SSA). These forms are then used to calculate the social security benefits received by each employee.

Form W-2 is also necessary for employees who use the information provided to complete their form 1040s. Employees working with multiple employers must get a separate Form W-2 from each employer.

When Does Macy Issue W-2 to Its Employees?

The IRS requires all employers to provide Form W-2 to their employees before January 31. It gives employees ample time to file their individual income tax returns with the IRS.

So, you must also get the form W-2 before the deadline from Macy’s. You should contact Macy’s HR immediately if you didn’t receive your W-2 electronically or by post.

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New employees joining Macy’s must provide a Form W-4 to the HR department. This form includes the basic information about an employee Macy’s will later use to provide you W-2.

You’ll get Form W-2 from Macy’s if you earn more than $600 per year. Also, you must be a regular employee at Macy’s as contractors and self-employed will get different tax forms.

How to Get W-2 for Current Employees at Macy’s?

Macy’s has approximately 90,000 regular employees working at different store outlets. It has around 725+ stores in 43 states throughout the US.

Macy’s has a dedicated online HR portal for current and former employees. Its current employees can use this online portal to get their tax information like form W-2s.

Macy’s online HR portal is “My In.Site”. It offers access to current and former employees.

At “My Insite”, you can get information about:

  • Employee paychecks
  • Employment benefit programs and participation information.
  • Latest company information.
  • HR information and policy updates.
  • Tax information like Form W-2s, W-4s, and other documents.

Macy’s HR department will create your login credentials. Once you receive your log-in ID and Password, you can use these to access My Insite.

Follow these steps to log in at My Insite:

  • Go to the website: /hr.macys.net
  • Click on the “Colleague Sign in” button for current employees.
  • Enter your 8-digit employee ID.
  • Enter your network password.

Following the instructions, you can regain forgotten or blocked passwords through the same page link.

How to Get W-2 for Former Employees of Macy?

Former employees or colleagues can use the same web portal to access Form W-2 and other important information provided by Macy’s.

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Macy’s offers access to this portal to its former employees as well. You can get relevant information like an ongoing employee compensation plan, company news, retirement benefits, and tax information.

Former employees of Macy’s can use the same steps to access the My Insite portal:

  • Go to the website: /hr.macys.net
  • Click on the “Colleague Sign in” button for former employees.
  • Enter your 8-digit employee ID.
  • Enter your network password.

What is Macy’s “My Insite” Portal?

My Insite is Macy’s online portal for its current and former colleagues. It has a database of these employees and public information available to all employees.

Both current and former employees can use the “My Insite” portal to access information related to their paychecks, taxes, and benefit plans.

My Insite is available to Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and operating units.

My Insite provides access to employee information like:

  • Pay records
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Employee health plans
  • Tax information
  • Company news such as dividend announcements

Macy’s My Insite portal is available for PC, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

My Insite portal access is granted to the permanent employees of Macy’s and its subsidiaries only. If you work as a temporary employee, independent contractor, or self-employed, you’ll not get access to this portal.

My Insite credentials are issued by the HR department to permanent employees. You can then use these credentials to set up your password.

Like any other online portal, you can easily reset your password or unblock it through email or SMS recovery methods.

Can Former Employee Use “My Insite” Portal?

As mentioned above, former employees have access to the My Insite portal.

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Although it is not mentioned on Macy’s webpage for how long former employees have access to this portal they have a discrete log-in link.

Former employees do not need to create a separate ID or log-in credentials to access the portal. They can use the same ID and password as long as they are valid.

However, information available to former employees will be different from current employees. For example, no current paycheck or withholding tax information will be available to former employees.

How to Contact Macy’s Support for W-2?

My Insite has two dedicated portions:

  • My HR – Employees’ self-service to HR-related queries.
  • AskHR – Employees’ link to the HR department.

Employees can send their queries to the HR department via this AskHR link available in the My Insite portal.

Current and former employees can reset their old passwords, unblock passwords, and perform other activities directly through this portal without needing to contact HR support.

However, if you need to contact Macy’s support team you can use this link. For example, from its official document, you may find a discrepancy in an employee benefit plan covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).