Can I Mail My Tax Return Using a Regular Envelope? What Kind of Envelope Should I Use?

You can use a simple postal envelope to mail your tax returns. If you need to send several tax returns, you can use separate envelopes and contain them all in a single large envelope if the mailing address for your returns is the same.

Let us guide you on what type of mailing envelopes you can use and how to mail your tax returns to the IRS.

Filing Tax Returns by Mail

More than 90% of taxpayers file their returns electronically as reported by the IRS. However, millions of taxpayers still use the paper form to file their returns for various reasons.

The IRS encourages taxpayers to use the fast and safer e-filing method. However, it does not prohibit taxpayers from filing paper returns.

Then, there are certain situations where the only option for you will be to file through paper.

You can also file paper returns by choice or if you are in one of the following situations.

  • If you are Filing from Outside the US and don’t have access to the IRS online portal. You may not be able to use a tax preparer and want to use the mail option.
  • If you have tried filing through e-filing and you get an error code or your e-Filing Gets Rejected every time, consider filing through paper mail.
  • Sometimes when you have a correspondence with the IRS and you Want to File Amended Returns, you can use this option.
  • Suppose you filed your joint tax returns on time and later came to know that you can claim back tax refunds or credits, and You Need to File an Additional Tax Form to claim these credits, you can use paper returns.
  • A common reason for taxpayers to file through paper returns is when they miss the e-Filing deadline and want to use the extended time for paper filing.

Can I Use a Regular Envelope to Mail My Tax Returns?

Yes, you can use a regular post envelope when sending your tax form to the IRS. Some stationary stores and online services will offer you customized envelopes to file your tax returns as well.

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You can use a regular envelope and pay the postage according to your mail service and mail the returns to the IRS.

There are no official instructions from the IRS to use specific types of envelopes.

What Kind of Envelope Should I Use?

As mentioned above, you can use any type of envelope to use for mailing your tax returns.

Some online service providers offer different envelope sizes and types for different tax forms. However, it is completely optional for you and not an official requirement by the IRS.

You should carefully read the instructions from the IRS when you send a paper check with tax returns.

Prepare and file your Form 1040-V and prepare your paper check or money order. You should not close Form 1040-V and other tax forms together.

Write the details of your tax payment and the purpose on this form but do not enclose all tax forms in the same envelope.

You can pay your taxes online or in cash as well. However, you should not send in the cash through a mail envelope.

How to Prepare Your Tax Returns for Mailing?

If you decided to file your returns through the mail, consider these simple steps to prepare your returns and make sure your returns reach the IRS on time.

Check the mailing address according to your residential area and state on the IRS website. The IRS has tax form collection points across the US.

Your mailing address can change every year as directed by the IRS, so do not automatically send your returns to the address for the previous year’s returns.

Find your personal and business mailing addresses on the IRS web portal. You may need to send these returns to different addresses.

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Importantly, you’ll use different tax forms according to your filing status.

Complete your tax forms and attach necessary forms as directed by the IRS or seek help from a professional tax preparer.

Choose your mailing method and service and make sure you have sufficient time to meet the tax filing deadline.

How to Print and Mail Your Tax Returns?

You can download and print your tax form using the IRS online portal. Also, you can request the IRS to send you printed tax forms through postal services.

You’ll also receive Form 1040-V along with other tax forms.

If you are using an online tax preparation service like TurboTax, you can fill and download these forms easily from your account as well.

Similarly, you can use both methods to access and print tax returns for previous years as well.

Either way, make sure to download the correct forms and pay your taxes on time to avoid penalties and interest costs.

Where to Mail your Paper Tax Returns?

You can find the mailing address for your personal and business tax returns on the IRS web portal. Check your available locations by state and your living address.

You may need to file separate tax returns for your personal and business tax liabilities. Also, verify the address if you are filing jointly but currently live in different locations.

Mailing Tips for Paper Returns

Follow these simple tips to easily file your tax returns using the paper method.

  • Gather your personal and tax information for a smooth finish before you start preparing your returns.
  • Make sure to have your full name, social security number, date of birth, individual tax identification number, and complete address.
  • Download and print your relevant tax forms from the IRS online portal or an authorized tax preparer service.
  • Do your calculations and fill in your tax forms carefully.
  • Make sure to properly calculate your tax liability and complete the forms correctly.
  • Seek help from a professional tax preparer to avoid errors and correspondence from the IRS later.
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Once you have prepared your returns and verified the tax liability is correct, make your tax payment online, by check, or by cash as convenient to you.

Then, make sure to sign the returns as the IRS will reject your returns if not signed. If you are filing jointly, both you and your spouse should sign the returns.

Remember to attach copies of relevant forms like W-2, W2-G, and 2439 along with Form 1040.

You should also arrange the tax schedules, forms, and statements according to their sequence numbers. It will avoid any complications for the IRS and help you file the taxes smoothly.

Then, ensure to provide a daytime contact number to the IRS for you or your spouse or both.

Finally, select a mailing service and choose the right postage. For example, if you want proof of mailing, buy a certificate of mailing from the post office or your courier.

How to Mail Your Tax Returns from Outside the US?

When you file your taxes from outside the US and want to pay the taxes at the same time through money order or paper check, you’ll send your returns to the IRS address in Huston.

If you are sending returns without a payment check, you’ll send your returns to the IRS address in Charlotte.

If you are temporarily outside the US, you’ll send your returns, as usual, using the address given on Form 1040 or by checking online.