My Tax Refund Bar Disappeared: Why and How to Solve It?

The IRS tries to send tax refunds as soon as your tax returns are cleared. The IRS claims they send 9 out of 10 refunds filed electronically within 21 days.

Millions of taxpayers still file through paper returns that take up to six weeks normally and around eight weeks during the last two years due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In some cases, taxpayers may not get full information about their refund status. Some taxpayers face one such issue when they see their refund status bar disappearing from the online portal.

Let us discuss what is the “refund bar disappeared” issue and what you can do about it.

What is the “Where is My Refund” Service?

“Where is My Refund” commonly referred to as “WMR” is your online tool to check your tax refund status with the IRS.

This page shows the progress of your tax refunds in three stages:

  • Tax Received Status means the IRS has received your returns.
  • Tax Returns approved means the IRS has approved your filing.
  • Tax Refund sent means your refund is on the way.

However, taxpayers may face a delay from the IRS for several reasons. The IRS says almost 90% of taxpayers receive their tax refunds within 21 days.

If you File Electronically:

Taxpayers filing their returns electronically receive their refund quickly. However, you must complete the required tax information and fill out the necessary forms.

If there is any error or some information is missing, the IRS system will reject your tax returns. Also, you must calculate your tax liability carefully.

Once the IRS approves your e-filing refund, you should receive a refund within 21 days.

If you File by Mail:

Typically, tax refunds through a paper check mailed to taxpayers should take four to six weeks. However, the IRS has faced delays due to Covid-19 hardships during the last two years.

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Your tax refunds may get further delayed this year as well. So, you should expect a paper check of your tax refunds from six to eight weeks this year.

You can check your tax refund status through the “where is my refund” page of the IRS online portal. You can download the IRS2go app and check the status at any time easily.

 If you filed through a tax preparer, you could also ask for confirmation.

Why My Tax Refund Bar Disappeared?

In recent days, taxpayers have claimed their “WMR” status bar disappeared from the IRS online portal. The error has been claimed on different social media posts by different taxpayers at times.

There are no official words from the IRS on this issue, though. However, we can guess a few possible reasons for this error.

IRS System Error

Your refund status bar may disappear due to a system error with the IRS server. It may just be a glitch that caused your status bar to disappear.

Another possibility is that your returns are under process, and the system hasn’t compiled it yet. Try reconnecting to the site later or refresh your web page, and you should be ok.

System Error on Your Side

Before you dig deeper, try to recheck your system settings and internet connection. A slow or interrupted internet connection may also disappear your status bar.

Again, you may be checking the status too early or too frequently. It is simply a “try later” option that can solve your issue.

Internet or Programming Error

As soon as you file taxes, you’ll consciously wait for the refund. The problem is you are not alone, millions of taxpayers want to check their refund status using the same portal.

Due to this traffic load, you may sometimes find the web server down.

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Other Possibilities

There could be some other possibilities like someone else trying to check the status of your refunds at the same time as you do as well. It shouldn’t alarm you if the other person has your login credentials.

My Tax Refund Bar Disappeared – How to Solve it?

Even if your tax refund disappeared, it shouldn’t bother you much. As many possible reasons as we mentioned above, none of them is worrying for you.

You should check if there is a tax rejection code error as well. You can only solve tax rejection codes if you know the error (discussed below).

Try a few simple tips to resolve your refund bar disappearing problem:

  • Wait at least 24 hours after filing your returns to check your refund status.
  • Your refund status will be updated only once a day by the IRS.
  • Try checking your status from a different device.
  • Reconnect your internet connection or use another ISP.
  • Ask your tax preparer to help you in resolving the issue if needed.

Can Calling IRS Solve My Issue?

No, calling IRS for a refund status bar disappearing will not help you. The IRS has no such phone service and they will not answer your query in this regard.

You can IRS phone service only if it has been more than 21 days since you filed your refunds electronically or more than six weeks if you filed through the mail.

You can also call IRS if your refund status shows this message to contact them.

Otherwise, calling the IRS for the status bar issue will not resolve it as the IRS offers no such service.

Where is My Amended Return?

Some taxpayers have to refile their tax returns after amendments as required by the IRS. Once you file your tax returns, the IRS may ask you to make some changes and refile.

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Your refund status for the amended returns will be different from the normal refund status bar. You should use this “where is my amended return” link to check the status of your refund.

What is Tax Topic 151?

If you feel your tax refund status bar disappeared and you did not receive your refund, you can use tax appeals.

The IRS offers a proposed solution and settlement option to taxpayers with penalties and other tax issues.

You can consult your lawyer or attorney to decide on the possible tax appeal proceedings.

What is Tax Topic 152?

The IRS tax topic 151 is relevant to refund information. If you want more details about your refund status, types, timing, and other important matters, you should read this tax topic.

Some useful information extracted from this tax topic includes:

  • 9 out of 10 taxpayers receive their refunds within 21 days when filing electronically.
  • You can receive your refunds through direct deposits, paper checks, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, savings bonds, and so on.
  • You can split your refund into three accounts through the direct deposit option.
  • Sometimes taxpayers may face delays due to Covid-19 hardships, amended file returns, incomplete or missing information returns, and other issues.

What is Tax Topic 153?

Tax topic 153 provides information on what to do if you still haven’t filed your tax returns.

You cannot check this year’s refund status if you haven’t filed yet. You may have seen the tax refund delivered status for the previous year while this year’s return filing still awaits.

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