2022 Guide to Get W2 Form From Panera Bread (For Current & Previous Employee)

We are here with another article in the series of getting access to W-2s by employees of different companies. This time it’s Panera Bread.

We have been discussing the struggles of tax filers who have to file their tax returns in hard times. Our purpose is to facilitate you and help you get the right information at the right time and in one place: everything is consolidated.

We all know W-2 Form has to be filled out by the employer and forwarded to SSA as well as the employees. Employees need the W-2 to report their income and taxes on Federal & local tax returns.

Panera Bread LLC is a big name in the American bakery industry, and they have more than 2000 locations in the United States and Canada.

The company, headquartered in Missouri, has over 140,000 employees, and you can imagine how hard it would be to manage them.

This article is for all the current and former employees of Panera Bread who want to access their Form W-2 for the current tax year or prior tax years. So let’s get into it without further delay.

What Is Form W-2?

Form W-2, Wages, and Tax Statement is a mandatory requirement by the IRS for employers working in the jurisdiction of the United States.

Any business or employer carrying out business in the US who pays salary(cash or non-cash) to an employee against the services must file the W-2. The lower limit for salary paid is $600 or more per year.

The formal definition of W-2 can be as follows:

It’s the form filed by an employer to report the withholding taxes, annual wages, and other contributions from the paychecks of the employee. W-2 has to be filed for every tax year and is distributed in different parts, each reporting a specific aspect of the pay stub. It contains information of withheld taxes, state taxes, medicare & social security taxes, employees’ gross wages, etc.”

Every employer is bound to file W-2 by the IRS; this measure is mandatory to ensure accurate reporting of withheld taxes and contributions.

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Besides the information on wages and withheld taxes, the Form W-2 also contains information like deferred compensation, contributions, tip income, dependent care benefits, etc.

When Does Panera Bread Issues Form W-2?

We all know that W-2 is mandatory for all employers working and operating their businesses in the US. IRS requires the employer to file a W-2 form with Social Security Administration along with the W-3 Form, Transmittal of Wages & Tax Statement. Besides, if the number of employees is greater than 10, the employer must go after the electronic filing of Form W-2.

Besides, the employer has to send three copies of W-2 to the employer to whom the form belongs. These requirements are applicable to all the companies and businesses registered and operating in the jurisdiction of any state in the United States.

Regarding the deadlines or when the company issues Form W-2, the dates vary for SSA submission and copies of employees. The companies have time to submit the W-2 to the Social Security Administration before the 31st of January. The employers can file electronically or by mail, but the department should receive it by the 31st of January.

In the case of employees, the deadline to mail the Form W-2 is the same: the 31st of January. However, the employees might receive copies of W-2 in their mailbox by the mid of February.

If these dates do not receive the W-2 form, employees should contact the HR department to inquire about the status of W-2.

Can You Get Your Panera Bread W-2 Online?

Yes, Panera Bread company has accessed the forms and pay stubs online by all employees. The company relies on the self-service portal Workday, where every employee is automatically enrolled after his joining.

Panera company has been using Workday since 2015, and before that, they were using the self-service portal of Ceridian. Therefore, any former or current company employee can access the W-2 using the self-service portal.

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How it works, how to access, troubleshoot, etc., will be discussed in the next sections of the article.

How To Get Form W-2 As A Current Employee of Panera Bread?

If you are currently working for Panera Bread, you can access your pay stubs 24/7 using the Workday portal. However, if you want to access your W-2, you can access it after the 31st of January every year as it’s the deadline for the company to make the forms available.

All employees have the USER ID and password provided by the company that can be used to log in to the portal. Once in there, you can access all important records regarding working hours, pay stubs, W-2s, taxes, etc., through the dashboard.

In short, you get access to all data related to payroll and taxes. You can also opt to download the Workday app on your phone (iOS and Android) for quick access to your data.

What if you’re unable to log in to your Workday account?

Well, there is a solution for every problem, and you can reset your user ID and password from the link here. If the problem stays unsolved, you can call the corporate office at 314-984-3400, explain your problem and get the problem solved.

If you have requested a hard copy of your Form W-2, ensure that the mailing address with the HR department is accurate and up to date.

How To GET Your Form W-2 As A Former Employee of Panera Bread?

What if you are a former employee of Panera Bread?

Panera Bread is one of the few companies that care about their current employees and believe in facilitating their ex-employees. Therefore, they also have a quick and easy solution for the former employees.

Instead of calling the corporate office, visiting the HR department, following up, etc., former employees can access all their previous W-2s using the Workday app. If you’re a former employee and don’t remember your user ID and password, you can reset it here and get access to the portal.

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The portal gives you access to all W-2s after 2015. And if you want a W-2 for a tax year before 2015, you will need to access Ceridian Self-Service Portal. However, in that case, we recommend calling the corporate office and seeking their advice on the matter.

For the former employees working at franchisees, the company suggests they contact the bakery location and seek guidance to obtain W-2 as former company employees.  

How To Login To Online Access To W-2?

It’s very easy to access the online portal of Panera Bread, and you can also download the app on your smartphone for go-to access. Here is a quick guide for you to access the Workday self-service portal as a Panera Bread employee:

  1. Visit the iPortal by Workday and log in with the same credentials you use to log in to the Panera network. If you’re an associate of Panera Bread, ask your manager for the ID.
  2. For first-time users, visit the page, add the requested information in the given format, and complete the sign-up process.
  3. Once in, go to My Tax Documents that might appear under W-2 Announcements.
  4. You will see the Employee Copy of your W-2 that can be printed. All you have to do is hit View/Print. After processing, the W-2 will be downloaded and available to be used.

What To Do If I Can’t Get My W-2 From Panera Bread?

If you can’t get your W-2 from Panera Bread on time, you can ask for an extension of six months. To do this, you have to file Form 4852, Automatic Extension To The Time Of Filing Return. Meanwhile, you can ensure that you receive your W-2 for the tax year you must file a return.


We have discussed everything that you might need to know as an employee or associate of Panera Bread. Whether you want your W-2 as a former employee or current employee, these tips and tricks are practical to help you get done with filing your tax return on time without any penalties.