2023 Guide to Get W2 Form from Bath and Body Works (For Current & Previous Employee)

Bath and Body Works is a famous retail store that mainly sells soaps, lotions, fragrances, and many other items. It is a favorite place for many who want to give gifts and purchase goodies. Now, if you work or have worked there as an employee, you would need a W-2 form from them.

If you currently work there as an employee, it would probably not be difficult for you to get the form. Because you are in the company, you can request the HR department to give you the form. Or it can also be sent each year automatically.

However, if you had previously worked in Bath and Body Works and it has now become your former company, you would need to follow certain techniques to get the W2 form. First, you can contact the HR department and ask them to send you the form.

You can do so by either calling or emailing them. If they do not respond through either means, you can also visit their HR Department in person.

Second, check the inbox and spam folder regularly to find an email from Bath and Body Works. Third, make sure to keep in mind the date. You need to get your W-2 form from Bath and Body Works within January or in the initial days of February.

Even after considering all these aspects, you can contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you still end up not getting the form.

They can be contacted easily by calling or scheduling an appointment. Provide the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of Bath and Body Works to the IRS.

You will also be required to provide information about you and Bath and Body Works. By providing this information, the IRS will contact your former employer itself and would send them a warning.  

 Information Included in Bath and Body Works W-2 Form

The information included in the W-2 form from Bath and Body Works is the same as in the form from other employers.

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It has 2 sections, broadly state and federal, because for filing both the taxes, you need this form. Some of the fields are related to the employer’s information and the remaining fields represent an employee’s income in the previous year.

It also includes the information about your taxes withheld within the stipulated period of one year.

What if the W2 form is not submitted?

If you fail to get the W-2 form from Bath and Body Works in the required time, then, unfortunately, it will hinder filing your federal and state tax. Your overall process of filing the taxes will be delayed, which can create problems for you.

The IRS requires you to submit the form to them so that they can view important information about your payments and taxes withheld.

If you file without the form W-2, the IRS will not be able to process your application. So, it is necessary to get the Bath and Body Works form. 

Detailed aspects of a W2 form

The W-2 form, also called the Wage and Tax Statement includes information about the taxes withheld and an employee’s wages in a year. The employer sends the form before the end of January as this is the time stipulated by the IRS.

You need to get the form from your current employer if it is the same employer you had in the previous year. If you are currently working under a different employer from the previous year, you need to get the W2 from your previous employer, not the current one.

The same is the case with Bath and Body Works; if you work or worked there last year, you need to get the form W-2 from them.

You can follow certain techniques to get it from them. You could contact their HR department, call them, check your inbox and spam folder and update your mailing address if it changed from the previous year.

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If, unfortunately, none of the techniques works, you can visit irs.gov w2 to call them or schedule an appointment. Then the IRS will warn Bath and Body Works to send you the form.

What is the W2 form and why is it used?

The w2 form, also known as the Wage and Tax Statement, is required by the IRS when you file your taxes. It provides information about your earnings, taxes withheld and the benefits granted to you by your employer for the year.

If you have not changed your employer in the previous year, you would be required to get the form from your current company.

But if you switched the company in the previous year, your W2 form from the current company will not be accepted; you will have to get it from your former employer.

The form is used to get your taxes filed. If you fail to submit the form in due time, you may be charged with penalties and your unfiled taxes.

So, the Internal Revenue Service requires you to submit W2 so that it can view all of your payments and tax history from the previous year.


In a nutshell, you need to get the W-2 form from Bath and Body works to file your taxes, provided that you work or have worked there as an employee. You need to follow certain steps to get the W-2 form before the end of January.

You can either directly contact them or at the end, you can tell the IRS to give them the warning to send the form.

The form will provide the IRS with information about your income and taxes throughout the year. It helps the IRS to process your application for filing taxes.

However, if you do not take steps to get a W2 form from your previous employer, you may be charged with penalties and interests.

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However, if you have taken specified steps, there is no need to worry. However, you still need to report the estimated taxes and other details. These estimates can be adjusted in the future to reflect the actual figures in the transactions.

It should be noted that the content of the W2 form is standard and there is standard information about the employer, taxes, detail, and other related information to assist in the tax filing process.

Frequently asked questions

What is a tax statement?

The W2 form is also called a tax statement. Because it contains information about the compensation, benefits, salary, taxes withheld, the tax rate applied on the compensation and wages etc.

Why is the W2 form important in the process of tax filing?

This form contains essential information about the tax filing process. For instance, taxes withheld by an employer are taken from the W2 form while calculating tax liability. Similarly, other information like tax rate used while deduction and much other information are obtained from this form.

What is a tax return, and what is the repercussion of not filing a tax return?

Simply put, the taxpayer prepares a tax return to calculate tax liability. It lists all taxable incomes, wages, and benefits, and it’s prepared annually. It’s like a statement of your earnings where the tax rate is applied, liability is calculated, and taxes are withheld.

Is form 1040 the same as the W2 form?

Form 1040 is used for filing a personal income tax return. It contains information about the taxable income, how much tax needs to be paid, how much refund needs to be made, and other details related to overall tax.

On the contrary, the W2 form is mainly about tax withheld by the employer. It contains information about the salary, compensation and other benefits, related taxes on it and other information related to deductions that should be used in the process of tax filing.