2022 Guide to Get W2 Form from ADP (For Current & Previous Employee)

ADP is used when your employer gives you the liberty to see your payment information online. If your company uses the medium of ADP for this purpose, only then will you be able to access your W-2 via ADP. Otherwise, you will have to contact your employer directly.

To access the W2 form via ADP, log in via login.adp.com. If you are having trouble logging in you can always visit the help page of ADP.

After getting your W-2 form via ADP, if you notice an error regarding your information. In this case, you will need to contact your employer as they would be responsible for such errors, not the ADP.

Getting W2 Form from Current or Previous Employee via ADP

You can use the online portal of ADP to get a W-2 form from your previous employer. Try logging in again if you had logged in previously. If you fail to do so, contact your previous employer; they might have removed you. 

Getting a W2 form from your current employer is easier, but getting it from the previous one can become a slight challenge. The IRS needs your former employer to send you the Form W2 within February.

If somehow you fail to get that from within the stipulated period, you may face some penalties. You must follow some steps to get your W2 form on time. Let’s discuss these steps first:

Step 1: Mark the Date

You first need to check the important tax dates. You have to make sure that the employer sends you a W2 form within January so that you can file your annual taxes.

Therefore, the first step is to watch your calendar.

Step 2: Fill out a Change of Address Form (if you moved)

If you have moved from your previous address to a new one, fill out the Change of Address form from the local United States Post Office. You must wait approximately 8 to 10 days for the mail to arrive at your new address.

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USPS takes this much time to process your request after submitting the form. If you neglect this step, the mail will be sent to your previous address and it will not be resent again to your new address. In this case, the W-2 form will be returned to your previous employer. So, make sure to follow this step as well.

Step 3: Search the inbox and the spam folder of your email (if digital documents are to be sent)

If you opt to get tax statements in soft form from your employer or the employer himself prefers to send documents digitally, then keep on checking the inbox and spam folder of your email. It might display an email showing that your tax documents are ready.

It gives you access to the platform where you can download your important tax documents including the W2 form.

Step 4: Get in Touch with your former employee.

Contact your former employee if the previous company or employer does not send you the W-2 Form before the end of January.

You can either choose to call or email the Human Resource Department if they have it in the office. Ask them about the status of your W2 Form.

Check whether the mailing address they have is correct and updated or not. You can also ask them to come to their office to collect the form.

Step 5: Contact the Payroll Administrator

You can also contact the payroll administrator of your previous company if they get a third party involved in processing the payroll.

Confirm the mailing address from this party. If they say the form has been mailed already but you haven’t received it, ask them to send the replacement copy.

Step 6: Contact the IRS

The last step is to contact the IRS if your former company does not provide you with your W2 Form or does not reply to your request in due time.

You can contact the IRS by placing them on a call or scheduling an appointment. Tell IRS the company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) so that IRS itself can contact your former company.

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You can find the EIN from your previous year’s W-2 form or the old pay stubs. You would need to provide the IRS with your and your employer’s contact information such as how much time you have worked with the previous company and your Social Security Number etc. The IRS then reminds the company to mail your W-2 Form. 

What’s an exactly W2 form?

When you file your annual taxes, you need this form called W2 from your employer. The form is sent to employees by their companies at the beginning of the year. It includes all the information about earnings and taxes of the previous year.

Even if you have switched to another job under a different employer, you still need to have a W-2 from your former company or employer to file your taxes.

The Form W-2 is also known as a Wage and Tax Statement. The form tells you the amount of taxes you owe or whether you expect the tax return or not. The form can be accessed through the website of ADP.

The form must be submitted in the initial weeks of the year. If you fail to do so, you might get charged with penalties.

To avoid such penalties, you must get the W-2 Form from your current or previous employer in case you changed your workplace or employer in the previous year. The IRS needs the forms because they show the necessary information for filing your taxes.

The content of the W2 form

The W2 ADP Form typically includes information like the amount of money you earned in the previous year, the amount of taxes withheld from your earnings, your annual contributions made to your retirement fund, the contribution made for your health care by your employer, and the number of dependent care benefits you received.

It is required by the IRS for companies to send W2 forms to all of their current and former employees. However, it is applied to those employees who have earned greater than or equal to 6,000 dollars.   

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To file your taxes, you need to get the Form W2 from your current employer or the previous one if you switched to another employer last year.

Sometimes getting this form is easier but if you have changed the employer, it can become tough to get the form in time.

It is because you are probably not in direct contact with your former employer, so they might not respond to your request.

So, to get the form before the end of January, you must follow some stipulated steps. These steps will help you get the form W-2 from your current or previous employer. You can also contact ADP W2 customer service for further assistance.               

Frequently asked questions

What is Form 4852?

This is a substitute form for the W2 form. This form is filed when you have taken all the possible steps to get the W2 form but in vain.

These steps include contacting your employer and contacting IRS. If you contact IRS, they will contact your employer.

However, if you are still not sure about figures in the W2, Form 4852 can be used. This form is used to report expected figures.

If I contact IRS for an in-corrected form, what information do I need to provide them?

If you contact IRS regarding uncorrected information on the Form W2, you will need to provide the following information to them.

  1. Your name, address, ZIP code, phone number, and employment dates.
  2. Name of your employer/payer.
  3. Employer identification number (if you know)

How to notify IRS of a change of address?

IRS can be notified of a change of address by notifying them via post, sending them a change of address form, giving them in writing, and by phone. You can use any of the options as you feel feasible.