Ultimate Guide to Get Whataburger Pay Stubs and W2s For a Current and Former Employee!

Whataburger is a popular regional fast-food restaurant chain in America, established in 1950. It started as a family-run business in San Antonio, Texas, and the restaurant’s specialty was hamburgers.

The first restaurant was opened in Corpus Christi, Texas, by the Dobson family, but a private equity firm took over the chain in 2019. Currently, the fast food chain specializes in chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes.

With restaurants at 900 locations, the company has over 43000 employees as of 2022. Managing the paystubs and paychecks of all the employees is a big challenge for the company’s HR department, let alone the personnel management.

Therefore, the company has introduced an online web portal for employees to log in with their IDs and access their information. Whether it is anything related to monthly paycheck stubs or annual W2s, the online portal has information on all employees.

But how do you get there? What are the other options as a current or former employee of Whataburger?

Today’s article will guide you on how to get your paycheck stubs and W2s from Whataburger, whether you are a current employee or have previously worked there.

So let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Paystub or paycheck stub is a paper or digital document containing information about an employee’s salary, deductions, contributions, and taxes withheld.
  • Form W2 is called Wage and Tax Statement, and it is a document the federal government requires employers to send to their employees every year before Jan 31st.
  • As a current employee of Whataburger, you can access your tax and income statements via the online portal for employees or opt to receive the statements at your mailing address.
  • Former employees can contact the HR department to issue past W2s and paystubs at the mailing address, or you can also pick up your statements from the company.
  • Paperlessemployee.com is a self-service platform for employees of different companies where they can register and access their paystubs & W2s issued from the employer.

What Is Paystub?

Paystub or paycheck stub is a paper or digital document containing information about an employee’s salary, deductions, contributions, and taxes withheld. The paycheck stub is issued from employer to employee along with the monthly paycheck.

Every pay period has a separate paystub that breaks down everything regarding an employee’s wages and net pay.

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Paycheck stub provision to employees from the employer is not a mandatory requirement by the federal government.

However, most state governments require employers to provide their employees with paycheck stubs along with the monthly paycheck so that employees know what has been taken from their gross income.

The main items included in a paycheck stub are as follows:

  • General information about the employee, like postal address, employee ID, full name, etc.
  • Pay period beginning, ending, and pay date
  • Gross wages or salary of the employee based on total hours worked
  • Tax deductions from the gross wages that include social security tax, medicare tax, withholding tax for federal and state taxes, etc
  • Voluntary and involuntary deductions
  • Employee benefits deductions like health saving accounts, life insurance, retirement contributions, etc.
  • The last part of an employee’s paycheck stub has the net salary credited to his account after all deductions and taxes are withheld.

What Is Form W2?

Form W2 is called Wage and Tax Statement, and it is a document the federal government requires employers to send to their employees every year before Jan 31st. Employers can opt to send the Form W2 to their employees via mail or provide it online through employee portals.

Form W2 is a mandatory tax document that employers file with the Social Security Administration and IRS for tax purposes. SSA uses W2 along with W3 for the calculation of social security benefits each employee is entitled to.

The Form W2 of every employee contains information like gross wages, tips, bonuses, taxes withheld, mandatory contributions to retirement plans, insurance, net salary, etc. In short, Form W2 summarizes everything related to your gross income, taxes, contributions, and net income to be used for tax filing.

How To Get Your Paystubs And Form W2 From Whataburger As A Current Employee?

If you are currently working at Whataburger, you can get your paystubs and Form W2 by utilizing any of the following available options:

Via Online Portal

The normal practice at Whataburger is that employees have to sign up for paperlessemployee.com, a platform for employees to access their W2, ACA, pay statements, etc., directly from the employer. Every employee of Whataburger registers for the platform when signing a contract with the company. You can easily get access to your monthly paycheck stubs and annual Form W2 by logging into your paperlessemployee.com account.

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Contact HR Department

If you have any problems accessing the online employee portal, viewing your paystubs and W2, or downloading copies of your documents. In that case, you can contact the HR department or your payroll team to ask for their assistance.

Whether your problem is regarding retrieving your online account, downloading your paystubs, or getting W2 on the employee portal, the HR department will provide you with the appropriate resolution for prevailing problems

Receive On Mailing Address

Not a general practice, but the current Whataburger employees can ask the HR department to receive their Form W2 or paycheck stubs at the mailing address. The HR department will issue your W2 or paycheck stub to the mailing address you provided when you joined the company.

How To Get Your Paystubs and Form W2 As A Previous Employee?

You might need access to your employer’s Form W2 and paycheck stubs even after quitting the company. For instance, if you left Whataburger in the second half of the year, you will still need Form W2 to report your income while filing your tax return.

The employer will issue Form W2 to all employees working at Whataburger during a tax year. However, you can also request paycheck stubs and W2s for current or past years.


You will need to contact the HR department or payroll division of Whataburger and request them to issue your paycheck stubs or W2.

You can either receive copies of your W2 and paycheck stub at your mailing address or pick up your documents from the HR department of Whataburger.

What Is Paperless Employee Portal?

Paperlessemployee.com is the employee portal that every Whataburger employee must sign up for to access their tax and pay statement.

It is a self-service platform where employees can sign up with their employee ID issued by the company and create an account on the portal.

You can access your company’s information by following the website address your employer has provided. The format for a specific company’s page is as follows:


For personalized information like your paystubs and W2s, you must log in with a username and password.

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How To Register For Paperlessemployee.com As Whataburger Employee?

Here is the step-by-step guide to registering your account on paperlessemployee.com:

  1. Visit the official webpage of paperlessemployee.com for Whataburger employees here.  
  2. Click on Create Account, and it will redirect you to the registration page.
  3. Begin by entering your employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of birth.
  4. Check the I’m not a robot option and click on Authenticate & Create Account. 
  5. The next page will require you to provide your full name. Also, create your user ID between 6-15 characters. Your UserID should be a combination of letters and numbers. No special character should be part of your user ID.
  6. The next step is to create your password by following the on-screen instructions. Re-enter your password and click on Save and Continue.
  7. Set and answer three security questions that will be asked on future logins to prevent any unauthorized user from accessing your account.
  8. Provide your contact information, like your email address, alternative email address, and phone number.
  9. Verify the information by entering the code you received on your phone number and email address.
  10. Set up notification settings and other options on the employee portal. You can log in to your account at any time and access your paycheck stubs and Form W2s.


When will I receive Form W2 from my employer?

IRS and Social Security Administration requires all employers to send copies of Form W2 to their employees by Jan 31st of every tax year.

How to reset my password on paperlessemployee.com?

Visit the official webpage of paperlessemployee.com for Whataburger here. Click on Forgot Password > Enter userID > Check I’m not a robot > Verify User ID > Follow on-screen prompts to reset your password and use the new password to log in.

I want to see my paychecks, but my worker ID is one digit short; what to do?

If your employee has issued an ID of 7 digits instead of 8 digits, you won’t be able to register for paperlessemployee.com.

The only option for you is to contact the HR department to rectify the mistake or issue your paycheck stubs and W2 via mailing address.