15 Best Accounting Software For Auto Repair Shop in 2023

Owning an auto repair company requires the appropriate software to track the repair costs and input hours.

You may use accounting software for auto repair shops to evaluate which projects are successful, verify the components used in repairing, and take account of all billing hours for a complete service.

Why Is It Important to Keep Track of Auto Repair Accounting?

Best Accounting Software For Auto Repair Shop

An integrated and company-specific accounting system is beneficial for an auto repair business.

Suppose you’re a small company owner who has to deal with several tax-related issues annually. In that case, efficient accounting software may save you time and cost and prevent duplicating data input.

We hope you’ve better understood the benefits that accounting software can bring to your automobile repair business and your situation.

This gives you more time to focus on other tasks while maintaining maximum efficiency.

1. FreshBooks For Auto Repair Shop ($15 – $50 Per Month)

With FreshBooks, you can estimate, monitor, invoice, and report on your service-based company like an auto repair shop in a cloud-based accounting software system.

Moving your auto repair company over to FreshBooks is an easy and straightforward process to do.

The ability to generate estimates and invoices is the key feature of FreshBooks that is the most useful for the auto repair business.

Prior to making a decision, numerous clients ask us for an estimate of the repair cost. Because of this technique, we don’t have to wait for a later time to produce a personalized estimate since we can do it right now!

Key Features:

  • The report is outstanding and displays your overall revenue and spending.
  • Generate customized invoices for the car repair business.
  • Stay updated on how much time is spent on each customer.
  • Report on the account receivable aging and collection of payments
  • A summary of your auto repair business’s sales tax obligations
  • A detailed record of money spending
  • Accessible to both desktop and mobile apps.

Pros of FreshBooks For Auto Repair Shop:

For auto repair shops, FreshBooks offers numerous advantages, making it an excellent accounting software choice tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Simple and easy to use: FreshBooks’ user-friendly interface ensures that even auto repair shops without accounting experience can quickly learn and navigate the software. This simplicity streamlines financial management tasks, saving time and reducing the learning curve.
  2. Cloud-based: As a cloud-based software, FreshBooks allows auto repair shops to access their accounting information from anywhere with an internet connection. This convenient accessibility proves beneficial for shops with multiple employees or those requiring access to their finances while on the go.
  3. Invoicing and payments: FreshBooks simplifies creating and sending invoices, further enhanced by seamless integration with popular payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. This feature expedites payment collection, aiding auto repair shops in getting paid faster.
  4. Time tracking: FreshBooks’ time tracking capabilities enable auto repair shops to accurately monitor the time spent on each job. This precise tracking ensures that customers are billed appropriately for the services rendered.
  5. Reports: FreshBooks provides a variety of reports, including income, expense, and profit and loss reports. These insightful reports empower auto repair shops to track their finances effectively, leading to better financial decision-making.
  6. Integrations: FreshBooks seamlessly integrates with various business applications such as Google Drive, Salesforce, and Zendesk. This integration capability streamlines business processes for auto repair shops, enhancing overall efficiency.

In addition to the above, there are some additional pros of FreshBooks for auto repair shops:

  • Free trial: FreshBooks offers a free trial, allowing auto repair shop owners to try the software before committing.
  • Affordable: FreshBooks is reasonably priced, particularly suitable for small businesses and auto repair shops with budget considerations.
  • Customer support: FreshBooks provides reliable customer support, ensuring assistance is available whenever auto repair shops have questions or encounter issues.

Cons of FreshBooks For Auto Repair Shop:

Despite its advantages, FreshBooks also has some limitations that auto repair shops should consider before adopting the software:

  1. Limited inventory management features: FreshBooks needs comprehensive inventory management functionalities, such as tracking inventory levels, setting reorder points, or generating detailed inventory reports. This may be challenging for auto repair shops that rely heavily on inventory control and must closely monitor their stock levels.
  2. No job costing features: FreshBooks does not offer job costing features, which can be problematic for auto repair shops that need to track the specific costs associated with each job. With job costing capabilities, accurately assessing the profitability of individual repair jobs may become more accessible.
  3. No integration with popular auto repair software: FreshBooks does not integrate with popular auto repairs software like Mitchell 1 or Alldata. This absence of integration may make it cumbersome for auto repair shops to import and export data between FreshBooks and their existing software tools.
  4. Limited user capacity: FreshBooks restricts the number of users to one per account, which may need to be increased for auto repair shops with multiple employees involved in financial management. This limitation could hinder collaborative efforts and lead to inefficiencies in the accounting process.

Additional cons of FreshBooks for auto repair shops include:

  • Reporting features not as robust: The reporting capabilities of FreshBooks may not be as extensive or customizable as some other accounting software options, potentially limiting the depth of financial insights for auto repair shop owners.
  • Customer support response time: Some users have reported slow response times from FreshBooks’ customer support, which could be a concern for auto repair shops seeking timely assistance with software-related issues.
  • Complexity for complex financial transactions: FreshBooks may be challenging for auto repair shops dealing with intricate financial transactions, requiring additional effort to manage complex accounting scenarios.
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2 . ARI – Auto Repair Invoice ($19.99 Per Month)

Auto Repair Invoice (ARI) is a cloud-based software that serves users, technicians, auto repair companies, and automobile dealers. The software is available for iOS and Android smartphones, and you can browse the web version from any computer or laptop.

Mechanics and automobile owners will both benefit from its exceptional features. The ARI is a detector program, as shown by its features and capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Customers are notified by email or text when it is an auto service reminder or service history report.
  • Scanner for license plates
  • Diagnoses include keeping track of costs, TSBs, upcoming repairs, automobile inspections, damages reports, and digital appointments.
  • Inventory of spare parts
  • Vehicle lookup
  • Support for mobile applications.


  • An easy-to-use tool for generating forecasts and repair orders into invoices
  • Simple to browse and supports multiple users on a variety of devices.
  • An easy-to-use tool for generating forecasts and repair orders into invoices.


  • The manual search for vehicles is quite messy and difficult to navigate.
  • Limited access to desktop apps.

3. Auto Repair Cloud (Free – $74.99 Per Month)

Auto Repair Cloud is an auto tool for managing auto repair business, supported with cloud-based for car repair businesses, accessible through the internet network, iOS, and Android devices.

For example, users may perform digital inspections, access OEM technical service data, produce repair orders and invoices, and so on.

Auto repair shop owners may monitor all automobiles at a store by using mobile devices. Our database has more than 8 million components, with seamless connection to all domestic vendors.

Key Features:

  • Auto Parts Management
  • Time and cost estimations for labor
  • Scheduling the appointments
  • Generate repair invoice customization
  • Diagnostic – Customer Concerns
  • Provide technical information
  • Integrate with QuickBooks for accounting service
  • Can download mobile applications.


  • No charges associated with maintenance
  • VIN scanning and ready-to-use templates for routine maintenance allow you to save time
  • All the information you need about your clients, automobiles, diagnostics, repairs, and auto components is in one place.


  • Need for improvement in fully utilizing software on mobile devices.
  • No desktop app is not available.

4. Shop-Ware ($117 – $427 Per Month)

Shop-Ware is a full-packaged shop management solution for the auto repair shop that focuses on building your online image.

In addition, this cloud-based software supports you in performing your company’s tasks at their best capacity, enhancing your output and boosting your revenues.

Also, automating your sales procedures enables you to provide the best possible service to your consumers.

Key Features:

  • The use of live chat and digital client approval processes
  • Repair orders that include local vehicle inspections
  • Provides inventory control and payment processing services.
  • Actual workflow in the shop and the distribution of expeditors
  • Running only on web-version.


  • Compose services in seconds and then distribute to clients for prompt approvals
  • Reduces job time and manpower
  • User-friendliness.


  • Absence of auto-fill data
  • More convenient if the inventory could be segmented between internal and external
  • No applications applied for both mobile and desktop devices.

5. AutoFluent ($95 Per Month)

AutoFluent is an automobile repair shop system that runs on clouds for single and multi-store merchants selling parts and auto servicing.

Sales management from AutoFluent helps businesses coordinate communications, work orders, and status reports.

Key Features:

  • Point of Sales
  • Management of work orders in Auto Repair Shop
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Scheduling for Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Declares and supports the Canadian PST, HST, and GST taxes.
  • Service History Record
  • Suitable for the invoicing standards of several US states
  • Desktop applications are available.


  • Supportive customer service goes out of its way to ensure you’re satisfied.
  • Capacity to regulate functions such as part, track reports, and labor matrices.
  • The Carfax feature automatically fills in the Vin and vehicle details.
  • Managing our company effectively and tracking every invoice.


  • Some modifications made are not likely to change the information retrospectively.
  • Invoices can’t be modified after they’ve been paid for or taken into account
  • The mobile app is not yet available.

6. Omnique ($99.99 – $399.99 Per Month)

Omnique is the automobile repair industry’s leading shop management software system. It was built by shop owners. This cloud-based software is a complete Auto Repair Software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and large corporations.

Its online auto repair system provides inventory management and works order management, billing and invoicing, and service history tracking. It also delivers a complete set of Windows-based solutions.

Key Features:

  • Inventory Control
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Auto repair estimate of labor costs
  • Management of work orders
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Tracking of Service History.


  • A vigorous tool that will allow you to create a complicatedly customized ticket shortly
  • Simplify front-line preparation procedures for
  • Simply adjusting and increasing future production by self-filling vehicles and customer information.


  • Customers or vehicles could be passed from iDMS more quickly
  • No mobile app.

7. QuickBooks ($5 – $150 Per Month)

QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting program designed to help you run your car and auto repair service more productively. You may use it to make financial statements, manage fixed costs and supplier payments, generate profit and loss records, and even pay your personnel.

You can see how much money is flowing in and leaving out of your business. As a result, it enhances any company’s ultimate objective of increasing profits by keeping a record of every financial transaction.

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Key Features:

  • Tracking limitless earnings and expenditures.
  • Available to customize sales taxes for auto shop sellers
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Access to all of your bank and credit card accounts
  • Accounting and financial statements that can be exported
  • Cash balances and invoice statuses are monitored on the dashboard
  • Upload and administration of digital receipts
  • Mobile and desktop apps.


  • Analyze your past remunerations and track your auto repair expenditure
  • Profit assessment and tax preparation for auto repair business
  • Loads of third-party app connections are available
  • QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced provide built-in inventory management.


  • Compared to other options, monthly rates are somewhat pricey
  • Limitations on the number of users per plan
  • To begin, there is a steep learning curve for auto repair shops.

8. Xero ($12 – $15 Per Month)

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that allows small company owners running auto repair shops to monitor their accounts from anywhere and integrates with over a thousand apps. It is less priced than competitors and does not charge extra charges for new users.

Xero is a small business accounting and financial management software solution. It is used by many automobile firms, including used vehicle businesses, to keep track of the inventory, sales, customer data, and labor hours.

 Key Feature:

  • “What If” Scenarios & 401(k) Tracking
  • Accounting, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Automatic Billing & Invoicing for or automotive repair shop
  • Check Printing & Client Portal
  • Approval Process Control
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Can access through mobile apps.


  • An infinite number of users in all plans
  • Basic inventory management is included in all programs
  • Hubdoc automates bill and receipt capture.


  • No live phone assistance.
  • Billing and invoicing limits with the entry-level plan
  • No desktop app.

9. Wave (Free)

Wave is a free double-entry accounting for small enterprises. Being a cloud-based software, it enables you to access your data from anywhere. This software can do more than simply file your daily tax returns if you own an auto repair service.

An intuitive user interface and modeling capabilities make it easier to spot suspicious transactions in the Wave Accounting program. It also includes simple-to-use features for sales reporting, invoicing, payroll, and timesheets.

Internal integrations allow you to handle your auto repair shop accounting, bookkeeping, and invoicing in one location.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to create personalized invoices, mail them, and follow their status.
  • With a few clicks may show your net profit or loss on a single screen.
  • Effectively utilizes tax deductions
  • It records monthly financial transactions such as payments, expenses, and revenue.
  • Inexpensive and good for small or startup auto repair shop
  • Available in mobile apps. 


  • Free and user-friendly
  • Infinite income and expense tracking for auto repair business
  • Unlimited invoicing with customizable templates and payment terms
  • Unlimited users permissions
  • Exportable accounting reports and financial statements.


  • No further plans to enhance functionality (ex: inventory management and time tracking)
  • Only premium services can access live chat help, which cannot be accessed through phone (Wave Payments and Payroll)
  • No desktop app.

10. Zoho Books (Free to $30 Per Month)

Zoho Books is a humble but complete cloud-based accounting software to manage your auto repair business’s invoices, costings, and service charges.

Using cloud-based tools, you can define and refine your estimations to match individual tasks. Invoice creation and distribution are simple, and automatic payment reminders eliminate the need to notify your clients when it’s time to pay.

Provide your consumers with a full overview of your service charges so they may make informed judgments.

Key Feature

  • 24-hour payment collection
  • Accept cash, and checks, and create invoices
  • Payment reminders are sent automatically
  • Scanning and tracking expenditures
  • Keep track of timesheets and work orders
  • Customers can accept or decline auto repair labor estimates
  • Modest integration with other applications and software
  • Desktop and mobile app.


  • Less-expensive accounting software for small-to-medium size auto repair shop
  • Several plan options and add-ons are available to choose
  • Built-in rich features and ease of usage.


  • No payroll services.
  • Plan constraints depending on the user
  • Limited integration options.

11. AutoShop (Quotation Based)

AutoShop is a cloud-based management solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the automotive sector. Custom car manufacturers, heavy truck shops, machinery repair shops, tire shops, and other businesses will love it.

Some of Autoshop’s primary functions are job order management, client car monitoring, and service history tracking.

In terms of functionality, it is ideal for custom vehicle builders and heavily loaded workshops since it has many tools that may help you run your auto repair shop.

Key Feature

  • Accounting integration
  • Can import and export data thoroughly
  • Reminders, billing, and invoicing
  • Inventory management, labor rates, and VIN lookup
  • Work order management
  • Has mobile app


  • Customer data is yours and will not be shared without your consent
  • Numerous useful features in the application are easy to use for an auto repair shop
  • Decent inventory system.


  • The program’s interface seems out of date; meanwhile, the reporting choices were considered to be restricted.
  • The program made you feel like you were “behind the times” when your company expanded.
  • Other programs did not integrate well or had only limited effectiveness.

12. Shop Boss ($109 – $285 Per Month)

Shop Boss is another cloud-based accounting software for an auto repair shop, which facilitates the owner with the management of vehicle flow. It can be accessed from everywhere and with subscriptions, making it a cheap digital option.

Payment processing, invoicing, and protected customer authorizations and communications are all handled by this system.

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The technology allows automobile repair startups or corporates to establish client invoices and maintain vehicle service records.

The software provides important features that are helpful, such as DVI (Digital Vehicles Inspection), tutorials on repairing, and a customer portal.

Key Features:

  • Customer portal
  • Custom vehicle inspection, fields, and advertising sources
  • Allowing third-party integrations
  • Merging payment process
  • Pricing matrix
  • Custom payment and shop fees
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Get ready to access the desktop application.


  • Fully cloud-based solution
  • Effective automobile managing software
  • Relevant tools for vehicle and customers management
  • Simple and effective user-interface
  • Not required complex training


  • Solely rely on internet connection
  • Mobile applicable has not been reachable.

13. AutoLeap (Quotation Based)

When it comes to handling an auto repair shop’s operations, AutoLeap is a strong all-in-one solution that can handle everything from booking a meeting to managing personnel and creating invoices.

AutoLeap is the ideal car repair shop cloud-based software, providing businesses with all the data they need to create a fantastic client experience while also increasing staff efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Sending quick digital invoices
  • QuickBooks integration consistency
  • DVI (digital vehicle inspections)
  • Generate invoices for clients by converting it from cost estimates
  • Able to share videos, records, or notes of inspection to clients
  • All desktop and mobile applications are ready to use.


  • Users can generate professional and accurate the repairing cost
  • Live training, sessions, videos, or documentation
  • Can have a look at the inventory
  • History record feature
  • Create more paid positions via the use of electronic authorization for repair estimates
  • Fully supported customer service


  • It needs some time to become familiar with the software usage
  • There are more features to be added on, yet not having a complete solution yet
  • Easily get annoyed when users click on one thing and it automatically opens a new tab.

14. Real-Time Labor Guide ($12.5 Per Month)

Real-Time Lobor Guide is a cloud-based solution system that allows auto repair shop owners to operate the business in a smooth way. Furthermore, the platform enables the owners to track and monitor technicians, staff, and charges regarding all aspects of the business operation.

It is also used to guide staff, pack tasks, decode QuickVIN, advance reports, and so forth. Moreover, using this software, you may track your receivables, employees, customers, shops, inventory, technicians, and components markup.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable labor times up to 3 times from high to low that supports vehicle conditions, particular tools, and situations, etc.
  • Easily print out quotations and invoices for clients
  • Fast access operating times for local and international automobiles, SUVs, and trucks
  • Adjustable any rates of single and multiple labors
  • Constant, simple, and undetectable upgrades
  • Available for desktop applications.


  • Affordable and seamless software
  • Easy access to the VIN
  • Generate accurate and professional quotes
  • User-friendly interface and stability
  • Convenient to track data


  • No function for editing the inventory
  • Limited to mobile app access.

15. MaxxTraxx ($59 – $139 Per Month)

The MaxxTraxx cloud system for automobile businesses is a promising product that includes a variety of capabilities, including maintenance, authorized order, and management of workflow.

In addition, this software can handle the routine operations of any size business from startups to corporates.

Other than that, MaxxTraxx provides several business management functions, such as meeting schedule, monitoring workflow, project planning, and schedule, quotation monitoring, and purchase history. Users can download from many devices.

Key Features:

  • A search of a vehicle identification number
  • Completely integrated accounting systems
  • Management of workflow, inventory, and customer relations
  • Enables convenient invoicing and billing for vehicle businesses
  • Keeping track of suggested services
  • Other accounting-related tools
  • The desktop application is available and downloadable.


  • Fit in all automobile business sizes
  • Very supportive customer services
  • Ensure quality management on many aspects that the automobile business needs
  • Has QuickBooks integration
  • Outstanding accounting tool for payroll, inventory, etc.…


  • Cannot set up a 2-days meeting schedule
  • Cannot delete vendor invoices
  • Not provided for mobile applications.

Buying Guides To Choose The Best Accounting Software For Auto Repair

With the appropriate and applicable cloud-based accounting software, you will be able to quickly and easily generate invoices, repair estimates, and gather from customers, allowing you to concentrate on your company rather than the software.

This article will help shop owners choose an automobile software solution that works best for them.

Basic Characteristics of Cloud-Based Software for Automobile Shop

Features, including vehicle identification number decoding, other software integration, invoicing, billing, workflow management, reporting, appointing schedule, and customer relations management are basic characteristics of cloud solutions that every automobile businesses need the most.

Superior vehicle maintenance accounting software is designed to free up time for company management by reducing the amount of time needed to administer the program.

Integration Functionality

For instance, if the purchased software is able to search for the VIN on the interface, users will be able to check and verify recent recalls or service bulletins pertaining to certain cars.

Reporting Functions

Estimating, obtaining repair orders, and publishing sales figures are all important aspects of operating an automobile company.

The right accounting software would help you monitor efficiency, pinpoint the most lucrative operations, and provide reports.

Price Choices

Perpetual and subscription licenses are the two most common pricing models for any automobile software system.

Whichever option is appropriate for the business relies on the size of the company as well as its financial and technological resources.