Cost of Goods Sold for Catering Business – Explained


In this article, we will discuss the cost of goods sold (COGS), the catering business’s direct expense, and the cost of catering business sales with brief implications. We will also discuss the impact of sales costs for the company and its impact on the catering business.

What is the Cost of Goods Sold?

It is a direct cost incurred on a product to sales in the market. This cost often includes the direct material and labor cost of business to make the product or deliver the service. It excludes all indirect expenses like marketing, administration, and finance costs.   

  • The cost of sale is the cost incurred to produce the product in a saleable position.
  • It excludes all fixed costs.
  • It will be deducted from revenue for the calculation of Gross profit margins.
  • Vale of cost of goods sold might be changed due to the accounting standard used by the business.

What is a Catering Business?

In the catering business entity, provide food-related services to clients on a permanent or temporary basis. For Example, if you want to arrange a party and don’t want to make food at home, you will hire anyone to provide food and party arrangements.

The person or entity you called for receiving the service will be called catering services.

What is cost of Goods Sold for Catering Business?

Any direct expense incurred by the catering business to provide the service will be deemed cost of sales or service costs. The catering business includes many costs like the food business, but some companies or sole proprietors also offer decoration services to their targeted customers.

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There are two main kinds of expenses, one that fluctuates with sales revenue and the other remains constant, no matter what is sales revenue.

The following are the COGD’s components of a catering business.


This expense is significant for the catering business because it covers all ingredients used in food, with the food ingredients. It also includes disposable plates, cups, tissues, etc.


Most Caters high their catering staff for catering functions, and those kinds of the team didn’t receive a fixed amount of salary every month.  Labor used for proving the service will be included in cost of sales.


Caters use different kinds of supplies of third parties like decoration services; these kinds of all cost will be included in the sales of the catering business.


Transportation expenses incurred for food items and pottery will also be included in the cost caterers of sales.


The short cost of goods sold is a necessary expense for caterer; it might not be neglected because a significant payment for a catering business is food cost expense.

Caterer can’t ignore the cost of business sales, so if you are going to start a catering business, you have to understand the business’s cost of sales and food cost.

Because this business is considerably dependent on food costs, you can easily manage other expenses if you can manage the food cost. Gross profit should not be calculated without identification and calculation of the cost of sales.

 Let me know if you any questions or queries regarding the catering business’s cost of sales; please leave a comment.

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