Cost of Goods Sold For Daycare Business – Explained


COGS abbreviates the cost of goods sold by management. COGS is a managerial calculation that helps management calculate the direct cost incurred to sell and product or render the service. This article will discuss the cost of goods sold and its implication on the service business.

We will discuss the cost of sales implication on the daycare business briefly. The business’s cost of goods sold is communicated as a cost of sales or services for services. Because in services businesses, the company delivers service to clients rather than the product.

What is the Cost of Goods Sold?

As discussed above, this is the direct cost and doesn’t include any indirect cost. The main objective of calculating this cost is to determine the direct cost of a product or service to make a significant decision.


If you have an accountancy background, this formula will not be new for you. You will be very familiar with this formula. This equation seems a little strange for new users, but it makes sense if you know the accountancy rules. If we want to calculate the cost of sales, we have to figure out the beginning inventory.

After analyzing the opening inventory, we have added purchases and subtracted the closing stock due to excluding the cost, which is not utilized in the respective period. Closing costs should be carried forwarded and become the opening cost for the next year or period.

What is a Daycare Business?

People who love to spend their time with children start daycare businesses to take care of children. In the daycare center, people in the industry take care of the children of respective clients and charge fees against the services.

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Daycare’s management facilitates the children indifferent categories like playing with children, painting, give tuition facility, and anything else from whom children enjoy. Due to the increasing trend in employment, this business is growing nowadays.

What is the Cost of Sales for Daycare Business?

The cost of sales for daycare’s business is every day’s spending on facilitating the children. All indirect costs should be excluded from the cost of sales or the cost of services.

A Daycare business’s nature is service business, so it will be suitable to use the term “cost of revenue or cost of service” rather than the cost of goods sold.

The cost of revenue for the daycare business will be direct material, direct labor, and some other variable costs to provide the service.

1) Direct Material Cost:

Direct material will include the routine cost incurred to facilitate the children. It will consist of painting costs, eatables, and any other expenses against providing the service.

2) Direct Labor Cost:

Direct labor cost considers the wages of daily staff members serving the children. These costs should be the direct cost of employees being hired for a fixed monthly salary will be excluded from the cost of revenue.

3) Other variable Costs:

 Any other cost spent on the production of the service will also be included in cost sales.


Management must understand the cost of sales to determine the price of service. Without calculating the cost of sales, it is impossible to calculate the business’s profits, so concentrate and understand the cost of sales and other relevant costs for your business.

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