2022 Guide to Get W2 Form from Amazon (For Current & Previous Employee)

Amazon is indeed one of the biggest companies when it comes to eCommerce. And you can imagine how big their problems would be.

Whether it’s payroll management or taxes, Amazon management would have to go the extra mile to ensure that things are happening at the right time. And the struggle can become more demanding during the tax season every year.

When all businesses and individuals, self-employed or working for other organizations, are working to make sure their tax returns are filed correctly.

Yes, we are talking about the tax season in the U.S. Businesses or self-employed people are making sure to get an accurate 1099-K while investment enthusiasts are arranging to file 1099-I.

Meanwhile, the employed individuals are waiting to receive Form W-2 from their employers so that they can file their federal tax returns.

Similarly, the employees of Amazon, whether former or current, are looking forward to W-2 being at their mailbox on time. W-2 is the necessary document as guided by the IRS, and employers have to issue it to the employees for Federal and state tax returns; mandatory for federal tax returns.

In this guide 2022, we will talk about getting your Form W-2 on time from Amazon and what to do you need to make sure it happens. So let’s get into it.

What is Form W-2?

Form W-2 is the most popular form among employed taxpayers. IRS defines Form W-2 as a Wage and Tax Statement.

Every employer involved in trade or business and paying remuneration(cash and non-cash) of $600 or more per year against the services of an employee is required to file Form W-2.

We can define Form W-2 as,

The Statement issued by an employer to the employee containing the information about the employee’s annual wages and withheld taxes from paychecks for the reporting year is called form W-2. Different parts of the form W-2 contain information like federal withholding tax, social security tax, medicare tax, state and local income taxes, and employee’s gross wages.”

It’s a mandatory requirement by IRS and requires accurate reporting of the withheld taxes and contributions as reported by the employers.

Besides the information on wages and withheld taxes, the Form W-2 also contains information like deferred compensation, contributions, tip income, dependent care benefits, etc.

When Does Amazon Issues Form W-2?

As per the requirements of the IRS, every employer must mail out Form W-2 to the employees to be able to file tax returns on time. Every employer has time until January 31 to send out the W-2 forms to all employees.

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Similarly, Amazon also mails out Form W-2 to the employees until the 31st of the first month. If you have not received your Form W-2 by Amazon until February 14, it’s time to get active. Contact the payroll department or store manager to ask about your W-2 from the company.

Can You Get Your Amazon W-2 Online?

Yes, if you haven’t received your W-2 in your mailbox, you can access the online portal by Amazon, where you can access your tax statements, including form W-2. ADP is one of the popular Human Capital Management Software, and they have partnered with Amazon to provide them with the  AWS SaaS Factory.

Amazon employees can log in to their ADP account and get access to their form W-2 as well as other tax statements.

Whether you’re currently working at Amazon or left the company in the last tax year, you can access your tax statements and form W-2 by logging in to the ADP account.

Here is what you need to do to get your Form W-2 online as an Amazon employee:

Step 1: Login or Sing up to your ADP account by entering the information provided by the employer to access the software.

Step 2: Tap on Pay in the left pane of the windows.

Step 3: Once there, scroll down to find the tab with the name Tax Statements.

Step 4: Look for your W-2 statement and click on Download Statement.

Step 5: The statement will open, and you will again click on Download in PDF to get it saved on your device. You can now use the information mentioned to file your Federal Tax Return for current or previous years.

How To Get Form W-2 As A Current Employee of Amazon?

As a current employee of Amazon, you have several options to access your W-2 form before the deadline by the IRS reaches. We will discuss each in the order you should use them.

First, you should wait for the company to send out your form W-2 to the mailing address provided by you. Depending on the mailing service and speed, you should expect the mail to reach you within a week or two.

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As mentioned earlier, Amazon sends the form W-2 to the employees until January 31.

According to this timeline, you should receive your W-2 before February 14. If not, you have to contact the payroll department to inquire about the status of your form W-2. It might be a wrong address from your side, a clerical mistake on their part, or any other problem.

If the problem doesn’t seem to resolve any sooner and you are afraid that the tax filing deadline might pass, you can access Amazon’s online portal(ADP).

We have already mentioned how to log in and download your W-2. You are supposed to create your account according to your company’s credentials and access your tax statements and forms.

Another way to file your tax return as an Amazon employee when your W-2 has not reached you is by requesting a transcript from the IRS.

Tax transcripts also contain information that your employer has reported in form W-2 submitted to the Social Security Administration.

You can get your tax transcript from the online website of the IRS. You can make the request for a transcript by mail or online. The information generally required is your SSN, address, date of birth, etc., as a part of the verification process.

How To Get Form W-2 As A Former Employee of Amazon?

What if Amazon was your prior employer? What if you want to file last year’s tax returns and are no longer working at Amazon?

As an ex-employee of Amazon, you can get access to your form W-2 by contacting the company’s payroll department.

You can request them to mail you the form W-2 at your mailing address. Besides, you can offer them to pick up the form from the office.

As an ex-employee of Amazon, you can get your pay stubs from the Amazon Pay section in the ADP. Even if you don’t get the W-2 from Amazon, you can use pay stubs to retrieve the information about wages and contributions. Additionally, you will be required to file a form for an alternative W-2 to the IRS.

Another way to request your W-2 from the previous tax years is by requesting one from the IRS. All you have to do is file form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, or Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

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What To Do If Amazon Cannot Give Me My W-2?

If you cannot get your form W-2 from Amazon, there are three options for you. Two are the same as we have already discussed.

Firstly you should request your W-2 form in a written application. If not, inquire the payroll department to inquire about the form W-2. You can go for the third option if your form has not reached you until the closing date is near.

The third option is to file form 4852, an automatic extension to the time for filing a return. You will get another six months to file your tax return without a problem. Meanwhile, you can make sure that your form W-2 is with you.


What is a Pay Stub?

Pay Stub is a record of your wages, contributions, taxes, and deductions, but it’s not the form W-2. A pay stub is also called a check stub; unlike common belief, it’s not the whole paycheck.

It is part of an employee’s paycheck that shows wages earned by the employee during a pay period and year-to-date payroll information.

What to do if I don’t get my W2 before January 31?

There is nothing to worry about if you have not received your W-2 before January 31. The IRS allows employers to mail W2 until 31. It would help if you waited until the second week of February before taking the next step.

Can you request W2 earlier than normal?

If you’re using tax software like TurboTax or H & R Block, they offer you an early access program to get your W2 earlier than normal.

How many hours do you have to work at Amazon to get benefits?

If you’re an employee at one of the Amazon stores, you can be eligible for health insurance and benefits if you work more than 30 hours a week on average. The Amazon Corporation does not publicize other requirements.


We have discussed everything you need to know as an Amazon employee who wants to get their form W-2. Whether you’re a current employee or ex-employee of Amazon, you can get your form W-2 to file current or previous year tax returns. s