Ultimate Guide To Getting Gusto Pay Stubs and W2s For a Current and Former Employee

Gusto Inc., formally known as Gusto Payroll Solutions, is a cloud-based payroll solution provider based in the United States.

Gusto was founded in 2011 as a private company headquartered in San Francisco. The former name of Gutso is ZenPayroll, Inc., and it was launched as a part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 Batch.

The services of Gusto Inc. include payroll processing for different employers and companies. In other words, Gusto provides payroll solutions for companies in different industries.

It also offers services like employee onboarding, health insurance, vision insurance,  dental insurance enrollment, and administration.

Employees of partner companies can log in to the Gusto portal of their employers and view their monthly pay stubs, W2s, insurance plans, etc.

Similarly, the employees of Gusto can also get their monthly pay stubs and Form W2s from the company’s payroll department.

In today’s article, we will provide you with a complete guideline on how to get your pay stubs and W2s from Gusto as an employee of the company or partner employers. So let’s get into it.

How To Get Gutso Pay Stubs As Current Employee?

There are various ways the current employees of Gusto can access their monthly pay stubs from the company. As a current employee of the company, you can use any of these ways to get your pay stubs:

Via Email

Gusto Inc. uses email to provide their employees with monthly pay stubs. When the salary is credited to an employee’s bank account, the employee receives the email stating ‘Your Pay Stub Is Ready.’

All current employees will receive their monthly pay stubs accordingly. You can view and download your Gusto pay stubs from your email and keep it for your record.

Gusto Platform Login

Yet another way to access your monthly pay stubs from Gusto is the payroll processing software of the company for the employees.

You will be given login access to the portal to view your monthly statements, tax forms, work hours, and other employment-related information.

Once you’re logged into the portal, you can view and download your monthly pay stubs easily. However, confirm that the information provided on pay stubs is correct.

Contact HR Department

The current employees of Gusto having any problem regarding portal login or accessing monthly statements will need to contact the HR or payroll department of the company for an appropriate resolution.

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The HR department or payroll department might provide you with printouts of monthly pay stubs or help you regain access to the Gusto employee portal.

Gusto Mobile App

Finally, the current employees can also access their statements and tax forms via Gusto mobile app. You can download the app from Google Play Store, log in with the credentials provided by the employer and access your statements.

However, this method to access pay stubs is not for the internal employees of Gusto. The customer employers of Gusto provide credentials to their employees for logging in and accessing their statements via the Gusto app.

Therefore, the mobile app solution is exclusively for the employees of companies who collaborate with Gusto for payroll solutions.

How To Get Gutso Pay Stubs As a Former Employee?

Former employees of Gusto do not have access to their Gusto portal to view or download the paystubs. Therefore, they will need to contact the former employee to get the printouts of the paystubs.

You can contact Gusto’s HR department or payroll department to provide you with your old monthly pay stubs. The company might agree to provide you with the printouts by hand or send them to your mailing address.

Therefore, you will need to make sure that you have provided the department with the updated mailing address.

How To Check Accuracy Of Your Gutso Pay Stubs?

When you receive your monthly pay stubs from Gusto, it is important to check the accuracy of the document and information printed on the pay stubs.

So here is what you need to check when you receive your Gusto paystubs:

Verification of Personal Information

You first need to verify your personal information on your monthly pay stubs. It includes your first name, surname, SSN, postal address, and other relevant information provided on the pay stubs.

Earnings Accuracy

The next thing to watch out for is the earning statement which includes your gross salary, wages, bonuses, or any other additional pay you’re entitled to.

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You should also check for the hours you worked, per hour rate, and match it to the gross salary mentioned.

Check Taxes

Also, go through the withholding taxes deducted from your gross salary. You must check federal, state, and local taxes calculation and deductions from your gross salary.

Deductions And Allowances

The deductions on your pay stubs relate to the benefits you’re receiving from the employer. It can include health insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions, etc. You need to check that these deductions are accurately calculated and deducted from the salary.

Net Pay

The net pay comes at the end of your pay stubs, and it is the amount credited to your bank account after all taxes and deductions.

Check Pay Period Information

Yet another thing you should check in your pay stubs is the pay period, and it should be the same as the work period. For instance, you should not receive pay stubs for May for the work period of April or vice versa.

If there is any inaccurate information, miscalculation, etc., in your monthly pay stubs, you will have to contact your company’s HR Department or payroll department. They should be able to facilitate you and provide you the accurate pay stubs after necessary changes.

When you’re an employee of a partner employer of Gusto, you will need to contact the employer, and your employer will contact the Customer Support of Gusto for the resolution of the problem.

How To Get Your Gutso Form W2?

Form W2 is called Wages and Tax Statement, and the employer of every company has to provide his employee with an annual W2 before the tax filing season. IRS requires employers to provide their employees with annual W2s before the 31st of January of every tax year.

Gusto also sends the W2 forms to its employees via online portal or mail. The employees can view and download their Form W2s from the online portal after Gusto’s payroll department has uploaded them for the employees.

Besides, the current and former employees can also request the payroll department to issue the old W2s or current year’s W2s to the mailing address of employees.

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What To Do If Gutso Didn’t Send Me W2?

If Gusto didn’t send you your Form W2 after the 31st of January, you would have to contact the company’s HR department for the provision of Form W2. If Gusto doesn’t send you Form W2, you can also file an application with IRS and request the W2 transcript for a fee.

However, the W2 transcript will not contain any information about the state and local taxes. You will still need to check with your employer to get information about local and state taxes.

How Can Employees Of Other Companies Get Pay Stubs From Gutso?

Many companies have hired Gusto for the payroll solutions and services provided by the company. Therefore, the employees of such companies are curious about how they can get access to their monthly pay stubs from Gusto.

As an employee of the company working with Gusto, you will be provided with login credentials to log in to the Gusto payroll portal. Once you log in to the portal, you can easily view your pay stubs, pay benefits, tax forms, and other relevant information.

How Can Employees Of Other Companies Get W2s From Gutso?

If you want your W2s from your employer via Gusto, you can enjoy the luxury of getting forms for the last ten years on your email address associated with your Gusto account.

You can view your W2s for any year for up to the last ten years in the Documents section of the Gusto account.

Gusto also allows you to view, print, or download your Form W2 from the online portal. If you decide to go paperless, you can change your W2 delivery preference by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your employee account on the Gusto portal.
  2. Open Job & Pay section and scroll down to Tax Documents.
  3. Click on Edit and choose how you want to receive your W2s. You will have the option of paper and paperless delivery.
  4. Once you choose your priority, save the progress, and you’re ready.