Ultimate Guide To Getting Kroger Paystubs As A Current Or Former Employee!

Kroger is an internationally recognized retail store chain based in the United States. The Kroger Company was founded in 1883 and registered as a public company on New York Stock Exchange.

Kroger is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, with over 2720 supermarkets and 129 jeweler shops across the United States.

If we talk about the company’s employees, the 140 years old company has a workforce of over 465,000 employees working at different locations. 51% of Kroger employees are women, and the remaining 49% are men.

The company manages its workforce of over 465,000 by automating most of the payroll and HR functions. Therefore, they have developed different tools and services to facilitate the employees.

And if you’re unsure how to access your pay-related information like paystubs as a new employee, we have the answers for you.

This is an ultimate guide for the current and former employees of Kroger who want to access their current or previous paystubs. So let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Paystub is a paper document that the employees get with their paycheck, and it contains information about the wages, deductions, taxes withheld, contributions, etc., from the gross wages & salary of the employee.
  • The current employees of Kroger can access their paystubs for the last 18 months via the company’s online portal.
  • Different methods for accessing paystubs. As current employees of Kroger, the employees can access the online portal, contact the HR department, or request the relevant associates to mail the paystubs to your mailing address.
  • Once you become an ex-employee of Kroger, you can no longer log in to ExpressHR.
  • As a former employee of Kroger, you will need to visit the nearest Kroger store, go to the service desk, and request printouts of your previous paystubs.

What Is Information Present On Kroger Paystubs?

Paystub is a paper document that the employees get with their paycheck, and it contains information about the wages, deductions, taxes withheld, contributions, etc., from the gross wages & salary of the employee.

If we talk about the paystubs of Kroger, every employee’s paystubs have the following items listed:

Regular Pay

After the personal information and details of the pay period, the first thing reported on the paystub of a Kroger employee is the gross pay. It includes the regular pay, bonuses, wages per hour* total hours worked, commissions, tips, etc.

Federal Tax

The next section reports the federal tax withheld from the gross pay. Federal tax deduction depends on the employee’s filing status, marital status, withholding allowances, taxable income, etc.

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State Tax

The paystubs of Kroger employees also report the state taxes depending on the tax requirements in the state you’re employed & resident in. An individual’s state tax might be calculated using wages & income brackets, at a flat rate, or as a percentage of federal taxes.


FICA stands for Social Security and Medicare taxes for all United States citizens. Therefore, FICA deductions are also mentioned on your Kroger paystubs every month.


All the deductions made from the employee’s gross pay are mentioned in the deductions section of the paystubs. The most common deductions include 401(k) contributions, Health Saving Account, Personal Accident Insurance, Working Spouse fees, etc.

Retroactive Pay

Retroactive pay is also a category on the paystubs of Kroger employees, and it reports any retro pay adjustments due to differences between the old rate and new hourly rate or new and old salary.

Besides, the additional tax withholdings requested on Form W4 are also adjusted under the subheading of retroactive pay.

Besides the information made available on electronic or paper paystubs, some items are not shown in the paystubs.

Garnishments are an item adjusted against your gross pay but not mentioned on paystubs provided to you at Kroger.

Garnishments can include student loans, child support garnishment, tax levies, credit, bankruptcy, etc. Only payroll associates and relevant HR department officials see the information about the garnishments of every employee.

How Does Kroger Issue Paystubs To Its Employees?

If we talk about the general practice adopted at Kroger, all the employees are provided with paystubs via the online portal.

The electronic paystubs can be downloaded and printed by the company’s current employees without any hassle.

What is the process to get your paystubs as a current employee of the company?

We will discuss this in the next section.

How Can You Get Your Kroger Paystubs As A Current Employee?

If you’re currently associated with any store of Kroger, you can get your monthly paystubs by using the following methods:


Express HR is the online paystub portal of Kroger, where they can access their paystubs and paychecks easily. Many people confuse the My Tax Form and MyTime portals with this one.

However, the current employees of Kroger can use My Tax Form to access their W2s easily. Besides, MyTime with Kroger is the portal for employees to log their work hours as well as get information about pay, benefits, etc.

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If we talk about getting paystubs from the online portal, all you have to do is log in to the portal with your credentials. You can view your paystubs online, download them or print them out for record purposes.

Paystubs for the last 18 months are made available on the portal. It means you can easily access your paystubs from Kroger for the last one and a half years without hassle.

HR Department

The second option for the current employees of Kroger is to visit the HR desk at your Kroger store location and request the relevant official for your paystubs. You can request them to hand over the printout of your monthly pay stubs.

Besides, when you have any issues regarding login to Express HR, you can report it to your store’s HR department or Express HR Department, which will resolve the problem on a priority basis. You can also contact the customer service of Kroger as follows:


Mailing Address

Lastly, the current employees at Kroger also have the option to request their monthly paystubs at the mailing address. You will need to contact the Express HR Department or Payroll division to issue a printout of your monthly paystubs on the updated mailing address in your documents.

If you’ve recently changed your address and have not updated it yet, make sure to update it before requesting paystubs on the new mailing address.

Can You Get Your Kroger Paystubs After Quitting Company?

What if you had quit working at Kroger to switch to better opportunities or for any reason?

Can you still access your paystubs from the company?

There was a scenario of an employee who left the company for some better opportunity offering higher flexibility.

After he left his first job and went for the second, he couldn’t make the second one for long. Finally, after getting unemployed, he wanted paystubs from the first employer to claim unemployment assistance from the company.

If you need your paystubs from Kroger as a former employee, irrespective of the reasons, you can request the company to issue your paystubs.

How Can You Get Your Kroger Paystubs As A Former Employee?

A former employee of Kroger can no longer log in to exclusive servers of the company. Therefore, as soon as an employee leaves Kroger, his accounts are also suspended. The only way to get your paystubs from the last 18 months is by contacting the HR department of your nearest Kroger store.

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Visit the nearest Kroger store, go to the service desk, and request that they provide you with the paystubs for the relevant period. They will provide you with your paystubs prints but might require you to sign the release form before receiving the paystubs.

However, you can also contact the company’s social media or the dedicated service numbers to get any information or assistance regarding paystubs and Form W2s.

What Is Kroger Pay Stub Portal & How To Login?

THE Express HR portal of Kroger is a self-service portal for employees to log in with their employee credentials and access their paystubs, income statements, etc.

The portal is only for the current associates of Kroger. As soon as you quit the company, your profile will be terminated, and you can no longer access your Express HR account.

Here is how to log in to the Kroger paystub portal:

  1. Visit the official website of Kroger’s Express HR portal here.
  2. Fill in the information required in the empty fields. You will need to provide your Enterprise User ID issued by the company and the password you have set for your account.
  3. Click on I Agree to give your permission to enter the ExpressHR application.
  4. It will redirect you to the ExpressHR dashboard, where you can access your paystubs, pay slips, and other relevant information.
  5. You can also download your paystubs by clicking on the Print button and saving the PDF format of your electronic paystub.


How do I get my W2 online from Kroger?

You can get your W2 forms from Kroger as a current or former employee of the company by visiting www.MyTaxForm.com. You will need to provide the code of Kroger, which is 10575. You will have your personal pin(last four digits of SSN) to access your W2.

What app do Kroger employees use?

Kroger associates and employees use FEED to access their schedule and stay updated about security & associate resources. Besides, Kroger employees must use Kroger SecureWeb Technology to clock in during work hours.

What payroll does Kroger use?

Kroger company uses My Time for handling their payroll and timekeeping for all employees associated with the company.

Does Kroger give yearly raises?

Yes, the employees of Kroger get a yearly raise based on their performance and other metrics.