How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart? (For Current and Former Employees)

When the tax season approaches, we are looking for several documents that we didn’t bother to check for the whole year. When filing their tax returns, paycheck stubs are also one of the documents most employees go back to. However, the use of paycheck stubs is not limited to tax purposes.

Paycheck stubs are a useful tool to know the accurate record of your wages, taxes withheld, total hours worked, and related information.

Pay stubs give year-to-year information on an employee’s wages with an employer. The employer must provide every employer with their paycheck stubs for every pay period.

If we talk about Walmart, the company has a large workforce of over 2.5 million employees, making it one of the largest workforces worldwide.

However, managing such a big workforce is a very challenging task for company management. When it comes to paycheck stubs, former employees also expect to access their paycheck stubs from the past. So you can imagine how much work Walmart has to do.

Today’s article will guide you on how to get your paycheck stubs from Walmart, whether you’re currently working at Walmart or have quit your job at Walmart. So let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • A paycheck stub is a document an employer provides to every employee and contains information regarding gross pay, deductions, withholding taxes, contributions, and an employee’s net pay.
  • As a current employee of Walmart, you can access your paystubs via the OneWalmart portal through touchscreen computers in the training room, via OneWalmart mobile app, through HR Department, or at your mailing address.
  • Former employees of Walmart can also access their paystubs via the OneWalmart portal, through the HR department, or through the payroll division of Walmart.

What Is Paystub?

Paystub or paycheck stub is a document given to the employees by the employers along with their paycheck. The paycheck stub details the employee’s hours worked total wages, gross income, deductions, taxes withheld, etc.

Paystub is a useful document for employees as they can get the details of the deductions, taxes, gross income, etc. when filing the taxes. Even if you haven’t received the Form W2, your paycheck stub can help you make the best estimates about the deductions, taxes, etc.

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Besides, paycheck stubs also allow the employees to have an accurate record of what was credited to their account, the deductions, and all related information for record purposes.

If we talk about federal laws, employers are not bound to provide employees with paystubs. However, most states have put this mandatory requirement that all employers provide their employees with monthly paycheck stubs.

What Is The Information Included In Paycheck Stubs?

We have already discussed the content of paycheck stubs briefly. However, if we talk about the details of the elements of a paycheck stub, here are the basic elements commonly found on a paycheck stub:

Employee Information

The first part of the paycheck stub contains general information about the employee, like his full name, mailing address, employee ID, etc.

Pay Period

The second part of the paycheck stubs contains information about the pay period. It includes the period beginning date, period ending date, pay date, total hours worked, etc.

Gross Income and Wages

If we talk about the actual content of a paycheck stub, the first thing you will find on the stub is the detail of gross wages or salary. It includes the per-hour rate, total wages based on hours worked, additional earnings, etc.

Tax Deductions

The tax deductions are mentioned below the gross income and wages. It includes the federal taxes withheld, state taxes withheld, social security tax, medicare tax withheld, and unemployment taxes.

Employees Benefits

The next section details employee benefits deductions made from the gross pay. It can include health insurance, life insurance, health saving accounts, retirement contributions, etc.

Involuntary and Voluntary Deductions

The next two sections entail the voluntary and involuntary deductions made from the employee’s gross pay. The voluntary deductions can be charitable contributions by employees, the monthly amount withheld by the will of the employee, etc. The involuntary deductions from an employee’s gross pay can be child support payments(ordered by the court), any outstanding taxes, etc.

Net Salary

Finally, the employee’s net salary is mentioned in the last section of the paycheck stubs. It is the actual salary that will be credited to your bank account.

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How To Get Pay Stubs From Walmart As Current Employee?

Let’s talk about getting your paycheck stubs from Walmart if you are currently working at the company. Here are different ways you can get your paycheck stubs from Walmart:

Receive On Online Portal

As mentioned earlier, Walmart has one of the biggest workforces, and individually providing every employee with a paycheck stub will take the whole month. Therefore, Walmart has an online portal where employees can log in and access their paycheck stubs and other related information.

OneWalmart is the online employee portal to access your monthly paycheck stubs. Walmart’s personnel office or training room usually has touchscreen computers where employees can log in and find their paycheck stubs.

You can also access your OneWalmart account via the mobile app of OneWalmart. You can use your employee credentials to log in to your OneWalmart account and access your paycheck stubs and other company policy information.

Via HR Department

If you are having a problem logging into your OneWalmart account or are not able to access your paycheck stub, you can contact the HR department to assist you in getting your Walmart paycheck stub. If you’re at work, your floor manager or someone else might help you access your pay check stub and get a print of your stubs.

There might be certain cases when you need direct assistance from the HR department. For instance, you haven’t received your paycheck stubs after weeks of the payday. You can either call the HR department to get assistance regarding access to your paycheck stub or send them an email.

Via Mail

The third option for current employees of Walmart is opting to receive their paycheck stubs via mail. You will receive your paycheck stub at the address you provided when signing the employment contract with Walmart.

Make sure if you’re requesting paycheck stubs at your mailing address; you have the updated address with the company’s HR department.

Can I Get My Paycheck Stubs From Walmart After Quitting?

Many ex-employees of Walmart wonder if they can still access their old paycheck stubs even after quitting the company.

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So here is the answer:

Yes, you can still get your paycheck stubs from Walmart even if you have left serving the company.


We will discuss this in the next section of the article.

How To Get My Pay Stubs From Walmart As Former Employee?

Here are different methods you can use to access your Walmart paycheck stubs as a former employee of the company:

OneWalmart Access

The first option for you is to access your OneWalmart account and view or download your paycheck stub from Walmart.

Walmart encourages the ex-employees to stay logged in to their OneWalmart account to have uninterrupted access to their paycheck stubs.

Ask Floor Supervisor or HR Department

You can also contact your floor supervisor to request the paycheck stubs from the HR department. With Walmart, you also can directly contact the payroll division or HR department of the company to request a copy of your previous paycheck stubs.

You can opt to pick up your paycheck stubs from the HR department or receive them at your mailing address.

Retrieve Your Online Account Via Customer Service Assistance

OneWalmart access is the most convenient way to access your paycheck stubs as a current or former employee. However, if you have lost your account credentials, you can still retrieve your account by contacting Walmart’s employee service, which will help you log back into your account.


How To Register For OneWalmart Portal?

You can register for the OneWalmart portal by enrolling in the program via the link here. When registering for OneWalmart, you must be setting up your account from the company’s computer or device.

How To Get PDF Copy Of Walmart Paycheck Stub?

You can get a PDF copy of your Walmart paycheck stub right from your OneWalmart portal online.

What is Walmart’s employer code for the pay stub portal?

Walmart’s company code for the Paystub portal is 10108.

How can I print out my paycheck stub as a terminated employee?

You can contact Walmart’s HR department or Payroll division to request copies of paycheck stubs at your mailing address.