2022 Guide to Get W2 Form from Walmart (For Current & Previous Employee)

Every American’s biggest worry is filing the return before the deadline, as soon as tax season starts. Businessmen and self-employed people are found gathering their documents to make sure that they are not missing out on any details. Every other person is discussing the tax circumstances with tax professionals to ensure they are claiming maximum credits and getting a refund.

In all the hassle, the employed people worry about their Form W-2 to file the tax return accurately. Form W-2, formally known as Wages and Tax Statement, contains information like tax withheld, bonuses, wages, credits, etc., and it’s sent out to the employee from its employer.

Walmart is one of the biggest store chains in the world, with thousands of employees in America. Every employer must make 6 copies of a W-2 form, and just imagine how much work Walmart’s HR department would do as soon as tax season arrives. Therefore, they had to develop a system that streamlines everything and makes it easier for them to send out W-2s and for employees to get the form on time.

It’s a complete guide to getting a W2 form from Walmart, whether you’re a current employee or have been working in the past year. So let’s get into it.

What Is Form W-2?

Form W-2 is the most popular form among employed taxpayers. IRS defines Form W-2 as a Wage and Tax Statement. Every employer involved in trade or business and paying remuneration(cash and non-cash) of $600 or more per year against the services of an employee is required to file Form W-2.

We can define Form W-2 as,

The statement issued by an employer to the employee containing the information about the employee’s annual wages and withheld taxes from paychecks for the reporting year is called form W-2. Different parts of the form W-2 contain information like federal withholding tax, social security tax, medicare tax, state and local income taxes, and employee’s gross wages.”

It’s a mandatory requirement by IRS and requires accurate reporting of the withheld taxes and contributions as reported by the employers. Besides the information on wages and withheld taxes, the Form W-2 also contains information like deferred compensation, contributions, tip income, dependent care benefits, etc.

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When Does Walmart Issues Form W-2?

According to the IRS guidelines, the employers must send the form W-2 after January 31st, as soon as possible. The requirement is exact if a company has paid more than $600 in salaries during a year, W-2 should be issued. Similarly, Walmart also follows the guidelines and issues Form W-2 of the employees between a set timeline of January 31st to February 28th every year.

Can You Get Your Walmart W-2 Online?

When working in a less-populated company, it’s easier for the employees to visit the HR department and get their form W-2 simply. Besides, many employers would mail out the form to the employees. Besides, a lot of companies have their own email system to send out form W-2. But how to make it possible for Walmart that every individual looking for Form W-2 has received it. Therefore, the company has made its own online system for tax-related queries and sending out Form W2. So, the answer to this question is yes!

You can get form W-2 from Walmart using their online portal. We will talk further about how to use the online portal in the coming sections.

How To Get Form W-2 As A Current Employee of Walmart?

If you’re a current employee of Walmart, you can easily access your Form W-2,  sign in to your employee account on OneWalmart, and download the form W-2. The company makes Form W-2 available on January 31st every year.

However, if you’re facing difficulties logging in to your employee account or Form W-2 has not shown in your account until February 28th, you can contact Walmart support. For account-related problems or getting new login credentials, contact Walmart Field Support, who will guide you about the procedure.

However, if your Form W-2 is not appearing in your account, you should contact the Walmart Payroll Department and get the required information from them.

How To Get Form W-2 As  A Former Employee of Walmart?

What if you’re an ex-employee of Walmart and want to have your form W-2 to file your tax return? If you left the company last year, you would still need a form W-2 to get information about the wages, benefits, taxes withheld, credits, etc.

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How to get your form W-2 from Walmart as an ex-employee?

You might try to contact the payroll department and ask them to send you the form W-2. However, if you are contacting the department just a few days before the deadline for filing a return, chances are higher that you will be late to file your return. The normal processing time of the company will take a long time leaving you with no solution.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to access the online portal to get your W-2. We will discuss the method in the next section.

How To Login to Online Access For W-2.

However, if you want quick access to your Form W-2, you can get access to it from the website My Tax Form. You will require the login information, and the procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Visit www.mytaxform.com

Step 2: You will require an employer code that is 10108 for Walmart; enter your SSN(Social Security number), initial PIN, and log in to your account.

Step 3: You will be asked some security questions to prevent any unauthorized access. Also, provide your email, contact information, etc. Doing this will change your initial pin, and now you will create a new PIN.

Note: Step 3 is only for first-time users. Otherwise, you will just log in to your account.

Step 4: Go to the dashboard, confirm your identity by answering security questions, and OTP via phone call/message. Once approved, go to the My Account menu and select Receive Forms Online as your default delivery option.

Step 5: Final step to receive your Form W-2. Carefully read W-2 Consent and mark I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form deliver and hit Accept and Continue. Enter the email address at which you want to receive your W-2 form.

What To Do If Walmart Cannot Give Me My W-2?

If you’re not able to get your form W-2 from Walmart, there are three options for you. Two are the same as we have already discussed. Firstly you should request your W-2 form in a written application. If not, inquire the payroll department to inquire about the form W-2. You can go for the third option if your form has not reached you until the closing date is near.

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The third option is to file form 4852, an automatic extension to the time for filing a return. You will get another six months to file your tax return without a problem. Meanwhile, you can make sure that your form W-2 is with you.


1.    What is EIN Number At Walmart?

The EIN number of Walmart is 71-0415188. For your information, the EIN number stands for Employer Identification Number, and it’s mentioned on form W-2.

2.    Does Walmart Give W-2 And Tax Information During Tax Season?

If you’re a current or ex-employee at Walmart, you should expect to receive your form W-2 well before the closing date of filing a tax return. However, if you have not received it, make sure that your mailing address is registered with your payroll department.

3.    What to do if the tax has not been withheld properly by Walmart?

The only way to ensure that your tax is being withheld properly by Walmart is to check your every paycheck and confirm that amount of tax withheld is close to what you want. If you find any

4.    What is the online access portal for Walmart employees?

You can access your Walmart W2s on the website www.mytaxform.com.

5.    Where is EIN Located on W-2 Of Walmart?

EIN of any employer is located in Box B of Form W-2. You can check the nine-digit number in Box B.


We have discussed everything you must know to ensure that you have your W-2 form on time as an employee of Walmart. Besides, the employees who left the company in the past year can also get access to their form W-2 by accessing the online portal or contacting the company’s payroll department.